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Lightshade Dispensary Denver - Medical Marijuana for PTSD

Is Cannabis the Answer to America’s Growing PTSD Epidemic?

Cannabis is an all-natural treatment for an often-overlooked mental illness. We believe in the power of cannabis to treat physical and mental ailments. From back pain to anxiety, depression to daily stress, the proven benefits of marijuana as a catalyst for improved health and wellness, are...

Cannabis for Mental Health - Lightshade Colorado

Are You Anxious and Stressed?

Drop the Wine and Pick Up the Cannabis Research shows that cannabis is an ideal tool to help people battle issues related to mental health—from daily stressors to severe conditions.   Our world is changing. Technology, for better or worse, is transforming the physical and mental landscape...

Lightshade & Goldleaf custom cannabis art

Lightshade & Goldleaf Collaboration to Benefit Veterans

At Lightshade it’s our honor to serve those that serve our country. The men and women of the United States Armed Forces sacrifice so much for us and all too often are forgotten about upon their return home. While Lightshade is proud to offer special...

Cannabis for Recovery for Athletes

Cannabis: The Secret to Enhanced Athletic Performance and Recovery

Amateur and professional athletes have started to embrace cannabis as a component of training. Are they on to something? We think they are. It wasn’t long ago professional athletes were harshly criticized for openly discussing cannabis consumption. Careers were ruined, athletes stigmatized, and in the case...

Lightshade Dispensary Education - Health and Wellness Benefits of Cannabis

The Health and Wellness Benefits of Cannabis For All

Researchers continue to discover a deepening connection between cannabis consumption and positive health outcomes—for people of all ages and medical dispositions. Cheech and Chong, ‘The Dude’, Jeff Spicoli, Harold and Kumar, Reefer Madness, and Pineapple Express—the portrayals of cannabis within Hollywood, have in a sense, contributed...

Celebrate the Equinox at Lightshade Dispensary

What’s In a Name: Celebrating the Spring Equinox with Lightshade

March 20th represents a symbolic day for the planet, and for Lightshade—celebrate with us. There are two equinoxes each year—in March and September—on these days, the sun’s rays shine directly on the equator and the length of day and night is nearly equal: 12 hours of...

Lightshade educates customers about safe driving

Lightshade educates the public about safe driving

Keeping our community safe is one of the highest priorities at Lightshade. That’s why we are working with CDOT to educate the public and learn more about the impact of cannabis on people’s ability to drive. We want not only to educate consumers about the...

Lightshade Dispensary Cannabis Concentrates

Best Selection of Cannabis Concentrates at Lightshade

Since recreational cannabis became legal in Colorado four years ago, the quality of products and the available options for consumption have improved considerably. Strains are stronger and availability is greater than anything cannabis users of the past ever encountered. Today’s cannabis is far more potent than what...

Aurora Warms the Night - Lightshade Dispensary Social Responsibility

Aurora Warms the Night – National Count Day

Today is national count day where the country takes and official count of people experiencing homelessness. Lightshade had 75 pizzas delivered to feed 250 people experiencing homelessness in Aurora. Lightshade was recently introduced to an organization called Aurora Warms the Night. "Aurora Warms the Night (AWTN) shelters...