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Edibles & Drinks

Cannabis-infused edibles are a discreet and convenient way to feel the full-body psychoactive and therapeutic effects of cannabis.

Edibles historically were made by infused butter or oil with cannabis and then adding it various types of foods types. The increased popularity of this method of consumption spurred a creative explosion, not only in the types of products (including a variety of tasty brownies, drinks, cookies, powders, and candies) but also the different methods of preparing the compounds. You can even add some pure distilled THC or CBD to your own or whip up a homemade concoction with some infused honey!

Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

Strong, extended effect

Discrete - no smoking required


With a cannabis-infused edible, cannabinoids are absorbed once the edible has been consumed, digested in the stomach, and processed in the liver. As these cannabinoids are absorbed, patients slowly begin to feel the effects, often making them a go-to choice for chronic pain relief, inflammation, and sustained sleep.

Cannabis-infused edibles have a greater delayed onset and a much more intense effect than other methods of cannabis consumption. On average cannabis-infused edibles will take effect in 30-60 minutes after consumption and the duration of effect can range from a few hours to over six depending on the dose – so start slow and find the range that works for you! The effects are ingesting cannabis-infused edibles may vary patient to patient and depend on the absorption rate in the small intestines and liver; both of which can be affected by other factors such as diet, exercise and genetics.

New users should  start consuming a 2.5 to 5mg dose​ to test out how their body will react. Ask your budtender about the broad array of options we carry at Lightshade!

Edibles can take 30-120 minute to take effect.


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