Lightshade Team Members

What does it take to grow a world-class team?

It takes values. 

Lightshade values people; our valued team members create experiences customers enjoy.

We offer a career path into Colorado’s dynamic and exciting cannabis industry, showing our appreciation to our employees with top-tier benefits like:

  • Paid vacation for all positions
  • Health, dental, and life insurance plans for all positions
  • A generous 401k match
  • Deep product discounts
  • Additional perks like employee appreciation events, gifts, samples, meals, snacks, and more
Lightshade Team Members


We’re passionate about providing exceptional customer service. Our teams are second-to-none in Colorado’s cannabis market, and the skills employees gain in our stores can lead to fruitful long-term careers.

“I love the people and the environment. Lightshade’s managers are warm, encouraging, and transparent.” -Quinn Neufelder

“Family vibes, with great leaders and an excellent team.” – Matthew Kirkland

“I was able to get comfortable with my team  quickly and I felt welcomed.” -Kimberly Chavero


Our skilled production teams are dedicated to their craft. They bring unparalleled knowledge and attention to each plant in our vibrant gardens.

“Lightshade creates a fun yet professional environment that keeps employees engaged and appreciated.” -Emily Insco 

It takes a strong internal culture to build a world-class team.

A great culture is vital. We’re an approachable and inclusive employer, and we love cannabis. Lightshade is a fierce advocate for cannabis normalization for industry professionals and consumers alike, and we look beyond ourselves and the business to support the communities we serve.

We take great care to select cannabis products our customers love so that they become loyal, lifelong fans. We take the same approach when we choose our team members, no matter the role. We trust your expertise to help guide our decisions and success, and we share ideas with passion and respect to find the best solutions.

Lightshade retail worker

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