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THC Vape Products

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Vaping is an easy indulgence for medical and recreational cannabis consumers alike, and Colorado cannabis customers love the convenient and discreet experience cannabis vapes offer. 

Most vape pens (or batteries as they’re also often called) fit neatly in a pocket, backpack, or purse and emit a (mostly) odorless vapor that’s nearly undetectable. 

And as people become more aware of the potential drawbacks of smoking flower, alternative inhalable consumption methods (like cannabis vapes) are growing increasingly popular. 

Here are just a few cannabis vape benefits:

Whether to smoke or vape cannabis is primarily a matter of personal preference, but there are a few reasons vaporizers are becoming more popular.

  • Cannabis vapes offer a full cannabinoid and terpene profile experience
  • Cannabis vapes provide a rapid onset with a medium duration
  • Cannabis vapes are discreet and convenient
  • Vaping often has a smoother taste and offers a more subtle flavor.
  • Many cannabis vape fans appreciate that it’s a less harsh experience since inhaling vapor rather than smoke can feel easier on the lungs.
  • Pens that use cannabis oil deliver small, targeted doses. 
  • THC vapes are quick, effective, and discreet.

What are Vaporizers?

Also known as a weed pen, vaporizers are devices designed to help you enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the hassle inherent to a traditional pipe and lighter.

A THC vape pen works by heating THC oil cartridges with low, steady heat so you can inhale the vapor. Other cannabis vaporizers work with raw flower, vaporizing rather than burning them for a smoother, milder smoking experience.

THC Vape Oil

THC vape oil has become an increasingly popular choice for cannabis consumers seeking convenience, flavor, rapid onset, and potent effects.

To create the vape oil used in a THC cartridge, neutral carrier oil is infused with cannabis and optional ingredients like flavoring agents or other bioactives. The oil is then heated using a dedicated device.

THC Vape Pens

Your pen for the THC cartridge can be reusable or a prefilled disposable.

Many customers use both, sticking to a reusable pen at home and bringing disposable options with them to use and exchange socially, the same way you might pass a pre-roll.

Your cannabis vape pen will work by the same method: heating the infused oil over a slow and low heat source, transforming it into an inhalable vapor.

Cannabis Flower Vaporizers

Flower-based vaporizers work similarly to THC oil pens, with a slow and low heat source transforming the flower into an inhalable vapor.

Tabletop Vaporizers

Daily (experienced) cannabis consumers tend to opt for tabletop vaporizers. They take up considerable space but deliver potent results by vaporizing raw flower.

Your cannabis vape pen will work by the same method: heating the infused oil over a slow and low heat source, transforming it into an inhalable vapor.

Portable Vaporizers

Perfect for at home or on the go, portable vaporizers are refillable and come with either THC vape cartridge or flower options.

There are tons of options out there, from affordable to high-end, so take your time and explore before making your pick.

Vape Pens

The classic THC oil vape pen is an easy way to enjoy cannabis whenever and wherever the mood strikes. They tend to be available in many flavors and strengths, making them a perfect mix and match option for smoking on the go.

What different forms of marijuana concentrates can you vape?

Oil isn’t the only option! There’s a whole world of vapable cannabis options out there for you to explore:


Made from the extracted oil of a marijuana plant, wax is concentrated cannabis oil that is soft and “waxy,” with a cloudy appearance.


Named for its glass-like consistency, shatter is concentrated cannabis oil left to set after extraction, so it hardens up and becomes solid.

Live resin

Something between waxy and liquid, live resin has intense flavors and aromas taken from the plant it’s sourced from. A highly sensory and indulgent vaping experience.

Hash oil

Also known as honey oil or cannabis oil, hash oil is often vaped in liquid form. Its created by extracting THC and other active components from the cannabis plant

What are in pre-filled THC oil cartridges?

Like the options listed above, prefilled THC oil cartridges are sometimes mysterious to consumers who haven’t experienced them before.

While they offer convenience, many people also wonder what exactly they contain beyond cannabis and the neutral oil it’s used to infuse.

High-quality pre-filled cartridges contain these two ingredients, alongside other complimentary bioactives to encourage the entourage effect or flavoring agents. Therefore, they should be free of fillers or other unnecessary ingredients.

Any reputable THC oil cartridge brand will be transparent about their ingredients, so if in doubt, check the website or ask your friendly neighborhood budtender for the inside scoop.

How to use a pre-filled THC oil cartridge

You’re educated, equipped, and ready to go, but now you’re wondering how to use cannabis oil.

We have good news—it couldn’t be easier.

To use a pre-filled THC oil-filled cartridge on a reusable pen, there’s usually a button you need to hold down as you inhale. You can generally just puff away if you’re using a disposable cartridge!

Ready to start your vaping adventure? Here are some of our budtenders’ favorite vape brands: