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What are cannabis concentrates?

Concentrates, also known as hash, are a popular way of consuming cannabis. Concentrates are made through the process of stripping the marijuana plant matter of its psychoactive and cannabinoid resin properties (trichomes). The most popular and commonly known cannabinoids are THC, due to its psychoactive properties, and CBD, known for its therapeutic effects. That said cannabis contains over 66 cannabinoids, each with a unique set of properties and effects. During the extraction process, cannabinoids within the plant profile are extracted finding their way into the final product—hash. Plant material that is fresh at the time of extraction results in a higher quality hash.

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Enjoying cannabis in the form of a concentrate allows consumers to receive a strong dose of cannabinoids without inhaling burnt plant matter. Concentrates continue to grow in popularity as more consumers look for an alternative to smoking marijuana.

Here are just a few cannabis concentrate benefits:

  • Diverse range of products
  • Diverse methods of consumption
  • High concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids
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Cannabis wax is made by blasting the plant material with solvent, then following up with low-temperature heat while it’s “whipped.” A popular extract for use in dab rigs, cannabis wax has an appearance similar to whipping cream.

Budder / Badder

Cannabis Budder is made with a similar process to wax but retains more moisture due to a shorter “whipping” process. Budder is called budder for a reason… it has a consistency similar to butter! Batter is the same way, looking like cake batter before it’s gone in the oven.

Live Resin

The big difference between live resin and most other extracts is that the starting plant material is flash-frozen immediately after harvesting. This helps carry the characteristics of the original strain, like the aroma and flavor, all the way through to the final product.


This very popular extract is called shatter because of its appearance: similar to transparent, broken pieces of glass. It’s extremely potent due to an additional processing step that gets rid of most of the original plant’s waxes and fats. Shatter is versatile, being used in dab rigs, vaporizers, or even sprinkled on joints.


The popularity of crumble is partly due to the way it’s made. A lower temperature is used in the extraction process, which helps preserve the terpenes, (the compounds that give strains their different aroma and taste.) The consistency of crumble is similar to a crumbly cheese.

Diamonds / Sugar

Both diamonds and sugar are newer additions to the ever-expanding catalogue of cannabis extracts, but they are gaining in popularity quickly. The appearance of both are that of a crystalline structure, and they can be consumed in a dab rig or vape pen. The creation of diamonds and sugar takes an extra step beyond most extraction processes, with additional time necessary for the crystals to form.

Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks are a hybrid flower/concentrate product. The base is a high-grade flower. It’s then covered with hash oil, and finally, coated with kief dust. The resulting “rock” is typically consumed using a bong or a pipe.

Ice Water Extraction

This process uses marijuana plant material, ice and water. Once blended, the trichomes fall off the plant and are sifted through pollen-extracting screens to remove the plant matter from the concentrate. This process yields “bubble hash,” or in circumstances where the concentrate is exceptionally high quality, it is considered to be a “full melt” product. Ice water extraction is typically thought to be the cleanest and safest way to extract hash, since no solvents or extreme heat are involved, thereby eliminating byproducts that could potentially cause impurities in the flavor and quality of the concentrate.

BHO (Butane Hash Oil) Extraction

This process of concentrate extraction uses cannabis plant material and butane as the solvent for extraction. BHO concentrate typically tests higher for concentrated cannabinoids than other forms of extraction. The extreme cold of the butane allows the trichomes to fall off the plant matter easily, breaking down the cell wall and creating a slab of trichomes.

The processor then removes the residual butane from the concentrate product using a closed-loop hash BHO machine, where a high percentage of the butane is recycled out of the product. Any remaining solvent gets removed during the purging process, when the slab of concentrate is baked in a low-temperature vacuum oven for a minimum of 12 hours. BHO extraction typically yields shatter, wax or live resin.

PHO (Propane Hash Oil) Extraction

Concentrates extracted with PHO are made exactly the same way as with the BHO process, except the processor uses propane as the solvent instead of butane.

CO2 Hash Oil Extraction

With this type of concentrate extraction, CO2 is used as the cold solvent. Since CO2 is not purged from the oil, it usually comes in a liquid form. This product is considered to be cleaner than BHO or PHO extracted concentrate because CO2 is not a combustible. This product is often more expensive than other forms of concentrate due to the expensive extraction process and limited market availability.

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