Colorado is packed with legal dispensaries (including ours). And while competition is fierce, we’re all in this together, so we want to help you understand what we think are Colorado’s top ten best dispensaries. 

When it comes to dispensaries, Coloradans enjoy a wealth of choices. As of 2021, there are 1,021 dispensaries in Colorado, with 446 dispensaries in Denver alone.

With so many options, how does a cannabis-loving Coloradan select just one? We narrowed it down for you by rounding up our top ten favorite medical and recreational Colorado dispensaries.

The Best Recreational Dispensaries in Colorado

The process of buying recreational cannabis in Colorado is easy. All you need is a government-issued ID, an appropriate payment method (some spots still only take cash), and an idea of where you want to start. Here are our picks for the five best recreational dispensaries in Colorado, perfect for both cannabis connoisseurs and newcomers alike: 



When it comes to naming the best dispensary in Colorado, Lightshade is the GOAT (clearly, we’re biased, but come on, you know we’re the best). With nine locations throughout the state, including six in Denver alone, you might be surprised to find that Lightshade is already your friendly neighborhood dispensary.

From sustainably grown flower to ultra-potent distilled resins, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and more (we have it all), Lightshade has the perfect product for your every cannabis need. So, in our humble opinion, when it comes to choosing the best recreational dispensary in Colorado, it doesn’t get better than Lightshade. 


The Giving Tree

Named after the slightly codependent hero of our favorite Shel Silverstein book, this Denver dispensary is a munchies paradise. Try a slice of THC-infused dried pineapple, or indulge in a cannabutter-based peanut butter rice crispy.


The Green Solution

Whatever your problems, you can always count on The Green Solution! A great place to stock up on cannabis accessories, we’re big fans of their impressive selection of kush pouches, pipes, and even cannabis-themed coloring books.


Rocky Mountain High Dispensary

There’s no more iconic ode to The Centennial State than John Denver’s Rocky Mountain high – so of course, we’re fans of the dispensary of the same name. These hometown heroes are proud boosters of Colorado’s cannabis scene, highlighting products from across the state. 


Good Chemistry

Using a fun, visual approach to cannabis shopping, Good Chemistry’s budtenders help cannabis newbies figure out what they like. Use their STATS guide to figure out the cannabis experience you like the best, and then shop for the products that suit your needs.

The Best Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Colorado

With recreational cannabis catching all the headlines these days, it’s essential not to overlook the foundations of legalized cannabis in the US; medical marijuana. From inflammatory conditions to anxiety, if your doctor has recommended cannabis to meet your medical needs, a medical dispensary is your pharmacy. Find what feels good with our picks for the five best medical dispensaries in Colorado: 


Native Roots

A straightforward referral system for new patients makes Native Roots an excellent choice for new cannabis consumers dipping their toes into the world of medical marijuana. In addition, a light-filled, spacious storefront makes for easy browsing. 


Medicine Man

What’s the primary feature that makes some fans call Medicine Man the best medical dispensary in Denver? Its proximity to the airport. Stop off after landing to stock up for your adventure through the Colorado wilderness (but, better yet, shop at our Peoria location near DIA for the ultimate canna-tourism experience).


Terrapin Care Station

This laid-back dispensary serves both medical and recreational patients and uses a portion of its profits to support local and international nonprofits. Not only is it a qualifier for one of the best dispensaries in Denver – their local partnerships also make them a force for community good (like us – learn about Lightshade’s social equity efforts here).



Specializing in house-grown cannabis, LivWell is the best Denver dispensary for cannabis connoisseurs interested in exploring what LivWell calls “seed-to-sale” marijuana. But, when it comes to medical patients, they take their name seriously!


The Clinic 

Visiting this Colorado dispensary is like taking a trip to your favorite day spa – it’s all blonde wood and soft lighting. Staff at The Clinic are well versed in guiding new medical cannabis patients through their journey of discovery, helping you find the products that suit you best.

With so many great options to choose from, finding your favorite from the list is up to you. That’s the fun part!

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