Lightshade Social Responsibility

Project Worthmore and Denver Urban Gardens

We don't just give back. We give forward.

As a Colorado company, Lightshade is committed to providing support to the community in which we live. Through intentional and engaged community investments, volunteer days, and fundraising efforts, we aim to increase the vitality of Colorado’s diverse neighborhoods and expand our industry’s capacity to do good.

Lightshade Volunteering | The Gathering Place

About Our Program

At Lightshade, we believe that being good a neighbor means more than running a clean, ethical, and compliant business. It also means providing support and care for our local communities. Since 2016, with the help of kindColorado, we’ve engaged our corporate resources and local retailers to support community projects and nonprofits through our Cannabis Social Responsibility plan. In 2017, Lightshade donated to local nonprofit organizations and our volunteers have invested more than 200 hours assisting in local communities.

Our corporate giving efforts are focused on people experiencing homelessness, hunger relief, seniors and veterans. Additionally, each of our 8 retail locations is partnered with community agencies and nonprofits to provide support for food insecure populations in Colorado. As part of the Lightshade commitment to give forward, our team supports the community by participating in company-wide volunteer activities each month. Once per quarter, each store and its affiliated non-profit organization collaborate on local volunteering activities. We also facilitate food drives and fundraising efforts for our community partners.

Aurora Warms the Night - Lightshade Dispensary Social Responsibility

We are proud to live and work in this diverse and growing community and believe that it is our responsibility to give back. More so, it is our hope that through this work others within the cannabis community will feel inspired to join us in providing support for local populations and communities.

If you would like to help Lightshade create a positive impact in Colorado, please get in touch at

Collaborate with Community

Whether it’s collaborating with women in cannabis to support The Gathering Place or partnering with community-run agencies to help feed hungry families, collaboration makes doing good, feel great.

Assist in Access

Seniors and veterans face an uncertain future with limited options for holistic medicine and increasing costs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We support seniors and veterans by providing access to education and products that help to set them on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Revitalize with Resources

We align our resources with the needs and goals of the communities we serve by keeping an ear to the ground, and as a strategic community partner, use our expertise, volunteers, and wallet, to help sustain and revitalize the communities that have given life to our business.

Elevate with Education

Education is the door to understanding—that’s why at Lightshade, we curate up-to-date, research-supported education for both experienced customers and those trying cannabis for the first time. Our goal is to de-mystify and de-stigmatize cannabis so we can introduce more people to the positive effects of this historically misunderstood plant.

Support with Sustainability

In 2020, we opened our state-of-the-art greenhouse cultivation facility that doubled production while providing a more than 50 percent reduction in our overall carbon footprint. 

Within our greenhouse, we have installed a reclamation system that enables us to recycle all water and nutrient not consumed by each plant. This system also filters reaming water, nutrient solution, and adds nutrient as necessary for each cycle. The implementation of this reclamation system allows Lightshade to significantly reduce the use of water and nutrient within our greenhouse cultivation facility.

As part of our pledge to sustainability, we’ve also committed to using energy efficient LED lighting in our retail locations and cultivation facilities, packaging constructed from recycled materials, and have drastically reduced the use of chemical pest control methods.

At Lightshade we are resolute in our commitment to single-stream recycling at each of our cultivation, packaging, and retail locations.

We believe in helping those in our community that are most in need. That’s why we’re proud to partner with organizations that work to provide housing, food and, most importantly, hope to those experiencing poverty and homelessness in the Denver-metro.

Check out some recent activities we’ve participated in to help this cause.

Lack of access to food isn’t a foreign problem. People are going to bed hungry right here in Denver, and Lightshade wants to see that end. That’s why our entire staff regularly volunteers at local food kitchens and shelters. Additionally, Lightshade partners with local organizations aimed at ending hunger in Denver.

Check out some recent activities we’ve participated in to help this cause.

It is Lightshade’s honor to support those who sacrifice their own lives and safety for the well-being of our nation. Outside of daily discounts and specials for veterans and military personnel, we partner with local charities and organizations with missions to provide guidance and support to our armed servicemen and women.

In support and honor of all veterans, Lightshade offers a 15% everyday discount.

The safety of our customers and community is our highest priority at Lightshade. We work very closely with groups aimed at educating the public about the dangers of driving while high, circulating accurate information about cannabis and regulating proper safety and usage guidelines for the products we sell. After all, a safe cannabis user is a happy one, and that’s what we want for all our customers.

Check out some recent activities we’ve participated in to help this cause.

Lightshade utilizes state-of-the-art technology and equipment in our grow facilities. This is not only to bring our customers the highest quality product possible, but also to be at the forefront of sustainability and eco-friendly practices in our industry. We recently built a 40,000 square foot greenhouse, which will reduce our water and power consumption by more than half. Colorado is the most beautiful state in the country if you ask us, and we aim to keep it that way.