Lightshade is proud to be part of Cannabis Clinicians of Colorado (CCC) to spread awareness about knowing how high is too high to drive.

Cannabis Clinicians of Colorado is a non-profit that is dedicated to support the individuals working with Colorado cannabis patients. This group provides resources for physicians, caregivers and dispensaries across the state.

Last week, this marijuana advocacy group came together to learn more about how much marijuana someone can consume before it becomes unsafe to drive. The law currently prohibits driving if you have at least five nanograms of THC in your system. The study Cannabis Clinicians of Colorado conducted was to determine if that number accurately represents someone who is too impaired to drive.

Lightshade is passionate about increasing awareness regarding the danger and consequences of driving high. Safety is a big part of our commitment to our community and our industry, which is why we partnered with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to help educate and protect our consumers when it comes to driving high. You can read more about our work with CDOT on this issue here.

Science confirms that consuming cannabis affects your reaction time, peripheral vision, and perception of time, distance and speed – some of the more critical skills needed to drive safely.

Lightshade was a sponsor at last week’s event to support the CCC as they further research how much cannabis is too much to drive. Members of the CCC believe that the number of five nanograms of THC was set as the legal limit to drive without enough research.

As organizations like the CCC invest more in cannabis research we hope to learn more about the correlation between cannabis compound levels in blood and saliva and a reduction in a person’s cognitive functions.