Lightshade Announces Sale of Four Locations

Denver, CO – June 24, 2024 – Lightshade Labs, a longstanding provider of recreational and medical cannabis in Colorado, announces the sale of four Denver locations to Fired Cannabis, a new local cannabis industry brand. This development will lead to rebranding those four Lightshade locations under the Fired Cannabis brand. The Lightshade locations included in the sale are Lightshade 6th Avenue, Lightshade Barnum, Lightshade Sheridan, and Lightshade Peoria. 

“Lightshade has been committed to serving the Colorado community since 2011, and we are proud of the relationships we have built with our customers. This sale to Fired Cannabis marks the next chapter for these locations, ensuring continuity and sustained quality of service,” said Steve Brooks, Co-Owner of Lightshade. “While Lightshade as a brand will see significant changes, our core values of quality service and community commitment remain unwavering.”

Lightshade’s Commitment to Aurora, Federal Heights, and Denver

Lightshade will continue operating four dispensaries, including the Aurora location on Iliff Ave., the Federal Heights location on Federal Blvd., and the Denver locations on Dayton St. and Evans Ave., focusing on maintaining its high service and community engagement standards. By concentrating on these four locations, Lightshade aims to become more deeply entrenched within these communities, fostering stronger connections and providing enhanced support and positive experiences.

This focused approach allows Lightshade to tailor its products and community programs more precisely to the needs of customers and neighbors. It enhances its ability to engage in community development activities, support local initiatives, and provide educational resources about cannabis consumption and safety. Through this intensified community involvement, Lightshade seeks to continue serving and enhancing the well-being and quality of life of its community members.

Further information about this transition will soon be provided on Lightshade and Fired Cannabis’ websites. 

About Lightshade

Lightshade has been a key player in Colorado’s cannabis market since 2011, offering high-quality products and services to both medical and recreational consumers. Known for its community focus and innovative approach, Lightshade has established itself as a trusted name in the Colorado cannabis industry.

Media Contact: Krista Nichols, Manager of Marketing, Promotions, Lightshade,