The holiday season has us reaching for potent, high-quality cannabis strains. So if it puts you in the same mood, this blog is for you.

Whether we’re elevating the hall-decking experience or taking the edge off stressful family gatherings, the holiday season puts us in the mood for high-quality cannabis. 

You’d be surprised how often folks like you ask for our recommendations for products that take the edge off creepy uncles or make gift shopping less, well, like gift shopping. 

So, read on for our top holiday strain picks–and visit your favorite Lightshade location for personalized strain suggestions.

Strains to Get You Through The Holidays

The best strains for the holiday gathering of your dreams.

Energetic Strains

Energizing and activating, these strains are perfect for when you need an extra dose of energy to get you through a busy day. Here are our top five picks for spirit boosting strains:

Photo of black woman happy positive smile have fun dance decoration present box christmas time indoors

A stimulating, euphoric daytime strain, Red Headed Stranger’s relatively low THC percentage means it’s an excellent boost for a family gathering or that holiday party you’re dreading but need to attend.

This potent and stimulating daytime strain creates focused energy. Perfect for icing a gigantic stack of cookies or dreaming up a series of perfect gifts on an all-day browsing session IRL or online.

A popular component in many hybrid cookie-themed strains, The White provides an even head and body high that pairs perfectly with its sweet, spicy aroma. Our favorite Christmas strain for wrapping presents.

Euphoric and appetite-stimulating, Durban Poison is the perfect companion for long holiday dinners. Grandma’s famous gelatin molds will suddenly seem a whole lot more appealing!

Although the name might suggest the opposite of ideal holiday behavior, Sour Joker creates a clear-headed full-body buzz. It pairs perfectly with sledding with your little cousins or a day on the Colorado slopes.

Creativity-Inspiring Strains

The best part of the holidays is the sense of wonder they create. Tap into your imagination with our top five picks for creativity-inspiring Christmas weed strains:

Creating instantly uplifting exhilaration, Blue Dream is great for creative play. The sweet blueberry flavor summons up nostalgic memories, perfect for illustrating a memorable holiday card or creating DIY decor.

Perfect for hiking and exploration, Orange Herijuana is the ideal Christmas tree strain for decorating with greenery. Enjoy the sweet, spicy flavor before strolling through a local trail collecting pine cones for a centerpiece or making a DIY wreath.

A joyful strain designed to lift your mood while keeping the nerves calm and the mind steady, Lavender Jones has a spice cabinet complexity that fills it with the holiday spirit. The perfect pairing for decking out a gingerbread house.

With a delightful sweet n sour taste, Pineapple Express creates a jubilant head high. Enjoy the cerebral, energetic, and euphoric experience–which pairs perfectly with caroling or an impromptu snowball fight.

White 99 Medical Ounces

With a tropical aroma reminiscent of an island breeze, White 99 is the strain for when the holiday drama gets to be a little overwhelming. So allow yourself a moment of escape with this relaxing strain, which eases sadness and anxiety while supporting the creative flow.

Calming Strains

Sometimes you just need to take a breath. These calming strains can help you center yourself and find ease amid the holiday madness. Here are our top five favorites:

Lightshade Christmas Tree

With a name that makes it the ultimate Christmas OG strain, this euphoria-boosting strain’s notes of lemony pine remind us of strolling through the heights of Rocky Mountain National Park. Perfect for getting away while staying put.

Perfect for sinking relaxedly into a more creative headspace, Mother’s Milk has a lush, fruity, creamy taste that feels like pure indulgence—an excellent strain for snatching a moment of self-care amidst the holiday madness.

Coated with a glittering layer of starlike sparkling crystal trichomes, there’s something about Star Dawd that just feels special. Aromas of sour citrus and earthy pine help create an uplifting, stress-relieving effect, perfect for a holiday game night.

With a light green flower accented with deep red strands that lend White Dawg a fruity, sour flavor, White Dawg just looks like pure holiday spirit in flower form. Enjoy the combined stress-eliminating power of combined CBD and THC.

As a non-psychoactive strain, Lightshade CBD is perfect for those seemingly endless holiday afternoons when you want to unwind while still staying present—guaranteed to help you get genuinely excited about that gift of cozy holiday socks.

Restful Strains

Once the busy day is over, you need kush to unwind with visions of flower dancing in your head. So here are our top restful strains to enjoy at the end of the day:

When your holiday stress is at its apex, creating a relaxing and sedating high, Dalae OG is the strain to turn to. This sweet, tension-relieving strain helps make even the most overwhelming family drama seem like a problem for future you.

Fruity Pebbles is pure nostalgia in flower form. Its aroma–a blend of fruity terpenes with a creamy undertone–is so evocative of the sugary cereals of our childhood you’ll look in the baggie for a prize. Perfect for dreamy trips down memory lane.

We love indulging in a little Skunkberry at the end of a long day for the way it takes you on a cannabis journey. Start with euphoria and creativity, journaling or drawing to ease your transition to sleep. Then sink into dreamland with lush, complete body relaxation.

As sticky, dense, and indulgent as a holiday morning cinnamon roll, Bubba Fett creates a long-lasting, relaxing trip down the lazy river of the mind. It pairs well with falling asleep on the couch to the dulcet tones of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Lightshade - Grandaddy Purps Strain

With a super sweet palette of berry and grape aromas, Grandaddy Purps feels like an indulgent treat at the end of a stressful, overbooked holiday day. So enjoy the dreamy buzz as you sink into a restful sleep.

BONUS: Strains with Holiday Names

While none of them cracked our top five favorites in any categories, there are a few strains whose Christmas-themed names have earned them a place in the 12 strains of Christmas. Here are some of the most festively named strains around:

cannabis flower with miniature sunglass on leaning next to a holiday hat with holiday decorations in the background
  1. Christmas tree strain
  2. Jesus OG
  3. Permafrost
  4. Three kings bud
  5. Foggy pines strain
  6. Sweet cookies strain
  7. Wookie cookie strain
  8. Jack frost kush
  9. Silver kush strain
  10. Snow blaze strain
  11. Grinch weed strain
  12. Sugarplum fairy

Are you interested in checking out one of these strains? Then, stop by your local Lightshade to discover the perfect merry Christmas weed of your stoner Christmas dreams.