Bubba Fett Strain

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With mellow, chilled out energy and pure good vibes, Bubba Fett is the strain we reach for when we want to unwind and enjoy a slower pace.

This delightful indica-dominant hybrid of two legendary strains, Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Stardawg, offers deeply calming, contemplative, and centering effects.

Equinox Bubba Fett

Strain Type: Indica

Bubba Fett perfectly blends indica’s signature full-body relaxation with just enough vibrant hybrid power to keep things interesting.

We reach for Bubba Fett when we want a laid back yet energetic smoking experience. It’s the perfect strain for sunny Sundays and lazy afternoons.


Bubba Fett descends from two heavy hitters: Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Stardawg.

This blended beauty does its lineage proud, with a legendary aroma and dank potency. It brings Stardawg’s uplifting effects and the tranquilizing power of Bubba Kush together for a truly unique smoking experience.

How does Bubba Fett make you feel?

Known for its deeply soothing and sedating effects, Bubba Fett is the perfect stain for chill evenings and lazy afternoons.

Medical patients reach for it to stimulate appetite—so make sure you have some good snacks around. It also turns the sensory dial up a notch, so when you’re smoking Bubba Fett, everything shines a little brighter and tastes a little sweeter, and those euphoric effects perfectly compliment a state of deep relaxation.

THC Potency

Clocking in at a super high 29.4% average THC level, Bubba Fett is here to get the job done.

Offering an intense, full-body experience, it’s a strain best reserved for more experienced smokers looking for a transporting, relaxing experience.

Strain Aromas

Bubba Fett has an unmistakably ultra-dank aroma. Skunky and strong with a hint of sweetness, it lingers delightfully after every hit.

Strain Flavor

This potent beauty is as tasty as it is dank, offering strong kush flavors layered with a fruity berry sweetness. Fans love its sandalwood and lemon taste and pretty lime green and lavender flowers.


Peppery and spicy with a delightful kick, caryophyllene offers the perfect blend of energizing and soothing effects.

With a bright, citrusy flavor, limonene reminds many smokers of lemon gelato or key lime pie. Zesty and creative, it summons an energetic and enlivening energy.

Known for its sweet, delicately herbal aroma that combines lemongrass, mango, and hops, myrcene promotes a relaxing euphoric experience.

Budtender Reviews

Lightshade budtenders love Bubba Fett for bringing on a heavy appetite when you’re ready to get your snack on. It pairs perfectly with a big bowl of popcorn and a favorite movie you might not mind falling asleep through.

Generally too sedating for a daytime strain, Lightshade budtenders recommend indulging in Bubba Fett when you’re ready for relaxation mode. Draw a bubble bath, put on some good music, or exchange massages with a loved one. This strain is great for leveling up your self-care and relaxation routines at the end of the day.