White 99 Strain

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A potent, high-THC hybrid known for its signature green buds and orange hairs, White 99 is an energetic strain with a fruity, almost tropical aroma.

Perfect for getting creative, socializing, and bringing a little dose of magic to even the most ordinary activities, it’s one of our favorite strains for daytime indulgence.

White 99 Cannabis Strain - Lightshade Equinox Brand

Strain Type: Sativa

With a blend of 70% sativa and 30% indica in its genetic lineage, White 99 is a well-balanced, sativa-dominant strain that pairs mental focus and energy with light and easy full-body relaxation.

Expect to experience a calm, focused energy that’s perfect for days when you’re looking to get a little playful, work on creative projects, or explore with friends.


White 99 is a potent crossbreeding of Cinderella 99 and The White that features some of the best qualities of both its ancestors.

Cinderella 99 lends creamy, dreamy, uplifting effects—as well as White 99’s exceptionally high strain yields—while The White brings its signature blend of perfectly balanced sativa and indica effects. The result is a strain that leaves you energized but laid-back in the best possible way.

How does White 99 make you feel?

Packing a super powerful punch, White 99’s exceptionally high THC content combined with its blended sativa/indica effects means this is a strain best left to more experienced smokers.

Expect a high that arrives gracefully and naturally, slowly soothing body and mind before you feel a sudden intense smash of focused creativity that launches you to the moon. Your body will feel relaxed and melty without sleepiness while your mind wanders far and wide.

This heady sense of cerebral transport can be overwhelming to some—but it’s delightful if you’re prepared to strap in and enjoy the ride!

THC Potency

Clocking in at ultra-high 25%+ average THC levels, White 99 is definitely not here to mess around.

Best for experienced consumers, this creativity boosting, mental clarity inspiring strain can be a transformative smoking experience, getting you out of a rut and altering the energy of your day.

Strain Aromas

As you might expect from its signature fuzzy orange appearance, White 99’s aroma is citrusy and delightful, like a sparkling orange soda sipped in the sun. Breathe deeper and you’ll catch the sour diesel back note, plus the woody, earthy pine scent that emerges as the nugs burn.

Strain Flavor

Inhale a toke of White 99 and you’ll catch notes of sweet-and-sour lemon that always reminds us of a lemon meringue pie fresh from the oven. On the exhale, you might notice flavors of citrus zest and orange blossom water, as well as a spicy hint of vanilla and cloves.


White 99’s signature uplifting, creative energy is thanks to the terpene limonene, which also contributes that delightful mix of citrus flavors.

Known for balancing out any strain, caryophyllene supports White 99’s relaxing yet energizing smoking experience, adding notes of warm spices to the exhale.

Sweet and delicately herbaceous, myrcene supports White 99’s ability to summon a euphoric, relaxing experience with calming, centering effects, as well as notes of lemongrass and mango.

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