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Terpenes are the aromatic organic hydrocarbons within the cannabis plant that gives cannabis its unique smell and taste.There are over 200 terpenes are found in the cannabis plant​. Terpenes are the reason that various strains of cannabis have such distinct aroma and flavor profiles. More importantly terpenes modulate the effects of cannabinoids which in turn  modulate the effects of neurotransmitters​ as discussed above.This means that some of these non-psychoactive compounds have medicinal benefits that can be used to treat various medical conditions.

Limonene Terpene


Just as the name sounds Limonene has a citrus flavor and aroma that can be found not only in many patient’s favorite cannabis strains but also household and cosmetic products. The medical benefits vary from treating anxiety and depression to fighting acid reflux and weight loss.


Pinene, the most commonly found terpene, releases a very distinct earthy piney aroma. Pinene has been linked to anti-inflammatory properties.

Bisabolol Terpene


Bisabolol is frequently used in cosmetic or skincare products. This terpene has a mild floral scent and contains skin healing properties, anti-inflammatory properties and anti-irritant properties.

Linalool Terpene


Linalool, with its unmistakable lavender scent and flavor, is what gives indica strains their sedative traits, including the infamous “couch-lock” phenomena. Along with being an efficient sleep aid, linalool provides relief for depression, anxiety and elevates mood.

Caryophyllene Terpene


Caryophyllene is the only terpene to be considered a cannabinoid and preliminary research is currently focusing on it’s effectiveness as a chemotherapy drug. The medicinal properties of this terpene extends to relief from chronic pain or inflammation, anxiety and depression.


Myrcene has the strongest profile and is known as the synergizing terpene. Myrcene aids in the absorption of cannabinoids to the brain and is great for relieving pain, stress, and suppressing muscle spasms.


Humulene is a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reliever and acts as an appetite suppressant. Humulene is also being researched for its effects in preventing cancer cell growth.


Terpinolene has a smoky or woody odor and is found in apples, cumin, lilacs and tea tree. Terpinolene is a sedative and an effective way to treat insomnia.

Research and education information courtesy of Holos Health | Dr. Joseph Cohen, D.O.