Do-Si-Dos Strain

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With a signature sweet, minty flavor as addictive as any cookie, Do-Si-Dos is one of the most crowd-pleasing indica-dominant strains out there.

Also known as Do-Si-Dos strain, this high-THC classic is known for creating a happy, giggly energy that pairs mind-melting relaxation with a pleasing, full-body buzz.

Cannabis Bud of Do Si Dos Strain

Strain Type: Indica Hybrid

With 70% indica and 30% sativa in its lineage, Do-Si-Dos is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid perfect for summoning deep, full-body relaxation and bringing an end to sleepless nights.

Offering a sweet, indulgent smoking experience reminiscent of our favorite Girl Scout Cookies, Do-Si-Dos delivers a deep dose of relaxation every time. Your body and mind will be overtaken with a warm sense of relaxation and ease as you sink into this transporting full-body high.


Created by crossing Face Off OG and OG Kush, Do-Si-Dos is the indica powerhouse you’d expect to get from its impressive parent plants.

Known for its infamously powerful face-melting effects, Face Off OG makes Do-Si-Dos’s full-body experience especially impressive, while OG Kush brings a potent dose of relaxing power. Paired together, they create an irresistible strain that’ll leave you couch locked in the best way.

How does Do-Si-Dos make you feel?

If you’re stressed out, burnt out, and have trouble on your mind, Do-Si-Dos is here with a deeply calming smoking experience that will transform pain to gain.

The high comes on hard and fast, with an intense cerebral rush of bright, sharp euphoria. Your energy will spike for just a moment before calming and centering, ultimately fading into happy, silly bliss.

As you relax deeper and deeper into the soothing, sedating sensation, your mind will journey inward, feeling your worries and cares melt away. You may fall asleep, or simply sink into a deep state of profound mental and physical relaxation that soothes your whole body and mind.

THC Potency

Clocking in with a THC level as high as 30%, Do-Si-Dos is an undeniably powerful strain best reserved for experienced cannabis users.

Pleasantly potent and overwhelming, Do-Si-Dos is the strain to reach for when you’re in need of some serious TLC, and nothing but the best will do.

Strain Aromas

Breathe deep when you crack open the Do-Si-Dos. Its mint chocolate chip aroma offers a delightful hint at the sensory journey that awaits you. Notes of lime cordial and pine needles lend complexity and intrigue to the sweet sensations.

Strain Flavor

Many smokers find Do-Si-Dos’s flavor as compelling as the cookies that inspired its name. Serving up a signature sweet mint chocolate cookie taste on the inhale, the exhale has toasty, warming notes that perfectly complement Dosi’s bakery fresh flavor.


Responsible for the energetic uplift that hits when you first smoke Do-Si-Dos, limonene also brings the signature sweetness to this indulgent strain.

Beta Caryophyllene
Balancing out Do-Si-Dos’s sweetness with a slight peppery kick, beta caryophyllene adds intrigue to the minty flavor profile, as well as a perfect balance of energy and relaxation.

Spicy, earthy, and woody, humulene is a profoundly soothing and grounding terpene that helps make Do-Si-Dos such a relaxing strain, while notes of black pepper round out the flavor profile.

Budtender Reviews

A nice earthy Indica with a subtle skunk middle of the road strain with an all day Indica high.
3 out 5 Stars | Budtender John | Lightshade Sheridan
I love the Dosi D’oh strain for it’s mellow tendencies. When I smoke it, I wind up having a level head and am either relaxed to hang out at home or just in a decent mood to be around others. The smoke itself is nice as well, doesn’t hit too harshly and has a wonderful sweet taste to it.
4 out 5 Stars | Budtender Vallorie | Lightshade Evans

Not just my favorite LIghtshade strain but favorite stain of all time! Starts with a nice energetic rush that slowly fades into a nice, relaxing, chill high. Best of both worlds!

5 out 5 Stars | Budtender Shane | Lightshade 6th Ave

Dosi D’oh has amazing effects that provide a full body relief but not leaving you on the couch waking up with the lights on. A great sunset strain that eases the mind into the evening. I enjoy the cure, smoothness and genetics on this strain.
4 out 5 Stars | Budtender Brandon | Lightshade Federal Heights

Dosi D’oh is the perfect strain to enjoy after a long day. It helps to calm, relax, and relieve all the stress and hard work from the day. I enjoy Dosi D’oh also because it gives me a good healthy appetite. The flavor is similar to an “indica cookies” type of strain, with light and airy appeal.
5 out 5 Stars | Budtender Rand | Lightshade Peoria

One of my favorite strains is OGKB Girl Scout Cookies, and this is a cross! Do si Do makes me super tired though, so I only smoke it when I have trouble sleeping. I recommend it as a very sedative strain.
5 out 5 Stars | Budtender Stephanie | Lightshade Iliff