Miracle Alien Cookies Strain

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Don’t let the strange name fool you—Miracle Alien Cookies is a real crowd pleaser. Also known as MAC or Alien Cookies, this balanced hybrid is known for bringing the good vibes.

Blending the effects of its indica and sativa ancestors, Miracle Alien Cookies is our go-to strain for getting rid of a case of the blahs and bringing joyful energy to the most ordinary day.

Cannabis Flower Bud of Miracle Alien Cookies Strain

Strain Type: Hybrid

Miracle Alien Cookies is that rarest of cannabis breeds: the perfectly balanced hybrid strain. With an 50/50 blend of indica and sativa in its lineage, this easy smoking strain offers the best of both worlds.

Expect a happy, creative sense of euphoria paired with soothing, full-body relaxation that takes over the senses, washing away your worries and cares and making minor aches and pains vanish without a trace.


A three-way crossbreeding of Alien Cookies, Starfighter, and Columbian Gold, Miracle Alien Cookies borrows a little something special from all three of its impressive ancestral strains.

Columbian Gold is a staple of cannabis breeding for its active, uplifting effects. Starfighter brings you even higher with energetic, joyful vibes. And Alien Cookies rounds out the bunch with pungent, earthy flavors and potently relaxing effects.

How does Miracle Alien Cookies make you feel?

The ideal strain for hybrid lovers looking for an intense, transportive smoking experience, Miracle Alien Cookies will bring a joyful rocketboost of euphoria to your day.

You’ll notice an overwhelming rush of joyful energy at the onset; this intense but pleasant sensation will take away your worries and fill your mind with euphoria and energetic bliss.

This sensation is soon followed by a deeply soothing full-body relaxation that will wash over every nook and cranny, making your troubles seem far away as you sink into Miracle Alien Cookies bliss.

THC Potency

With a more manageable 20% THC level, Miracle Alien Cookies is a potent but not overwhelming strain ideal for session use.

We love recommending Miracle Alien Cookies to novice smokers looking to experiment with the world of hybrids, along with anyone who enjoys a balanced smoking experience.

Strain Aromas

One of the first things any user notices about Miracle Alien Cookies is its strong aroma, powerful enough to make your friends drift across the room to see what’s on offer. With notes of thyme, sage, and sour diesel, it hints deliciously at the smoking experience to come.

Strain Flavor

On the inhale, Miracle Alien Cookies has a dark, dank, citrus flavor that reminds us of candied orange peels or bergamot infused Earl Gray tea. Exhale, and you’ll notice a sweet, earthy flavor reminiscent of super dark chocolate.


Creamy lemon meringue pie flavored limonene brings sweetness to Miracle Alien Cookies’ exhale and contributes to that lovely energetic uplift.

Miracle Alien Cookie’s blissful and relaxing full-body high can be credited to pinene, which also adds a deliciously complex, herbal aroma.

Balancing and blending, sweet and spicy caryophyllene is the ultimate hybrid terpene, giving Miracle Alien Cookies its complex citrus flavor.

Budtender Reviews

With a perfect blend of energetic uplift and soothing relaxation, Miracle Alien Cookies has a little something for everyone. Our budtenders recommend this classic balanced hybrid to both new smokers and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts alike.

Miracle Alien Cookies offers the ultimate balance of mental creative energy and euphoria and relaxing physical bliss that always leaves us satisfied. We love keeping this crowd-pleasing strain in our back pocket to share with friends or break out in moments when we want to enjoy a powerful but never overwhelming solo smoke session.