Member Berry #3 Strain

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If you’re looking for an all day high that’ll sweep you off your feet and leave you feeling floaty and euphoric, you came to the right strain.

With a tart, fruity aroma and sweet-and-sour taste, Member Berry #3 is a long-lasting, heavy hitting strain that delivers a day full of berry bliss.

Equinox Member Berry

Strain Type: Indica

An indica-dominant cannabis strain, Member Berry #3 offers relaxing and energizing effects that make this well-balanced beauty popular for calming anxiety, inducing relaxation, and easing chronic pain.

Hitting you with an intense euphoria paired with full-body relaxation, Member Berry #3 creates a blissful state of peak relaxation as you feel your worries and cares melt away.


Member Berry #3 was created by crossbreeding the aromatic hybrid Skunkberry with delicious, terpene-packed Mandarin Sunset.

Mandarin Sunset (another Ethos Genetics creation) delivers a distinctive skunky fruit salad flavor and deeply calming effects, while Skunkberry contributes that signature euphoric, cerebral uplift that makes Member Berry #3 such an irresistible ride.

How does Member Berry make you feel?

You’d expect an indica-dominant hybrid to be purely relaxing, but Member Berry #3 surprises you with a euphoric kick of energy. Cerebral bliss at the onset of the high will leave you buzzing in the best way.

As you settle into the Member Berry #3 experience, expect a wave of transporting, full-body bliss. You’ll feel relaxed but not quite sedated, the perfect state for daydreaming, watching a good movie, or simply enjoying those long-lasting feelings of happiness and bliss Member Berry #3 brings.

Some users have reported that dry mouth can be one of the side effects of indulging in Member Berry #3, so make sure you toke up with a cold glass of H2O close at hand!

THC Potency

With an average 26% THC potency, Member Berry #3’s little green buds pack a serious punch that accounts for this strain’s legendary all day staying power.

Expect a high that’s powerful without feeling overwhelming. Indica relaxation paired with an energizing cerebral uplift will keep you happily blissed out.

Strain Aromas

Known for its incredibly sweet, alluring, and irresistible aroma, Member Berry #3 will lure you in. You’ll notice notes of tropical fruit and limoncello on the inhale, along with a potent sweet skunky undertone on the exhale.

Strain Flavor

Tasting as sweet as it smells, Member Berry #3 has a light, bright, and irresistibly fruity flavor that pairs perfectly with this balanced hybrid’s transporting high. Expect a bright, creamy, passionfruit cheesecake flavor with a skunkiness that adds complexity.


Bringing a perfectly balanced blend of energizing and soothing effects, caryophyllene adds a slightly spicy back note to Member Berry #3’s sweet flavor.

Love those bright, fruity, citrus flavors? Thank linalool, which also contributes a potent calming, anti-anxiety power to this soothing strain.

Budtender Reviews

Our budtenders reach for Member Berry #3 when they’re looking for a smoking experience that blends the best of both worlds. The energizing euphoria of the onset quickly settles into a relaxing, easy vibe that makes for a perfect night in alone or with friends.

We love indulging in Member Berry #3 when we want to surprise our cannabis-loving loved ones with an unexpected smoking sensation or simply treat ourselves to an unusual but delightful journey. It’s the perfect strain for days when you need a touch of something special to bring a spring to your step.