Ice Cream Cake Strain

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When it comes to Ice Cream Cake #2, the name says it all! This tasty treat will make you feel like ice cream melting in the summer sun. Its calming effects will soothe whatever ails you.

This indulgent indica-dominant cross is beloved for its nostalgic flavor profile, with notes of sweet vanilla and sugary dough. Enjoy the body high and say goodbye to chronic pain, insomnia, and discomfort of all kinds.

Equinox Ice Cream Cake

Strain Type: Indica Hybrid

With a rare blend of 60% sativa and 40% indica genetics, Ice Cream Cake #2 offers a slightly uplifted but totally relaxing experience.

Expect a deeply indulgent, soothing, and relaxing vibe akin to slipping into a hot, vanilla scented bubble bath, with just enough cerebral energy to keep things interesting.


A perfect union of Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake, Ice Cream Cake #2 blends its parents’ best qualities.

Gelato 33 brings balance, with sweet citrus flavors and a slight energetic kick that’ll keep you on your toes. Wedding Cake delivers pure, relaxing bliss, adding mind/body euphoria to the mix.

How does Ice Cream Cake make you feel?

Offering a smoking experience as sweet and tasty as its flavor, Ice Cream Cake #2 brings immediate relief.

As soon as you inhale you’ll notice a rush of cerebral energy, washing away negativity, stress, and strain and transporting you to a realm of pure happiness and ease.

The body high comes on next, creeping through your limbs and relaxing you naturally and gradually and easing aches and pains as you drift into dreamland.

THC Potency

With a 22.5% average THC level and potent calming effects, Ice Cream Cake #2 is a heavy hitter that’s perfect for nighttime.

Take a deep toke and let that powerful high settle in as you leave the worries and cares of the day behind and relax into a restorative, soothing rest.

Strain Aromas

Ice Cream Cake #2’s relaxing effects are compounded by the way this strain makes you want to breathe deep—the scent is just that good! A bright, vanilla, sugar cookie aroma promises a sweet treat to come, and the flavor doesn’t disappoint either!

Strain Flavor

Cheesy, creamy, and offering a surprising sweet toasted hazelnut flavor on the exhale that lingers long after the final toke, Ice Cream Cake #2 is pure flavorful indulgence. Notes of gelato and a slight peppery spice complete this creamy, dreamy smoking experience.


Bringing a slight zesty, creative energy to Ice Cream Cake #2’s relaxing, indulgent ride, limonene lends this strain’s creamy flavor a citrus kick that reminds us of lemon meringue pie.

Subtle, relaxing, and deeply calming with energetic undertones, pinene brings a deeply soothing, centering energy, as well as an herbal pine forest flavor.

With powerfully soothing and anti-inflammatory effects, easy riding humulene completes Ice Cream Cake #2’s powerfully relaxing experience and adds a slight spicy kick.

Budtender Reviews

Our budtenders reach for Ice Cream Cake #2 when they’re looking to serve up an extra indulgent, tasty dose of TLC. Blending sweetly nostalgic flavor and full-body ease, it’s the perfect tasty treat for dreamtime.

Ice Cream Cake #2 is the ultimate strain for self-care days and evenings spent lounging in bed or on a comfy couch with your nearest and dearest. We find it pairs well with a good movie, cozy pj’s, and maybe even a tub of your favorite ice cream to make the sensory experience complete.