Here are some tips to help you take advantage of your daily cannabis purchasing limit in Colorado.

Stocking up on cannabis is our favorite kind of errand, but it’s an errand nonetheless. We understand that our clients want to max out their Colorado weed limit with one visit, but Colorado med rules can be challenging to grasp. How much weed can you buy in Colorado under the new Colorado cannabis laws? For many of our customers, the issue is confusing.

We’ve consulted with our budtenders and prepared this handy guide to help you make the most of your daily cannabis purchasing limit according to Colorado marijuana laws. We’ll cover the cannabis products you can purchase, how much of each you can buy, and our favorite combinations so you can get the most bang for your Colorado weed purchase limit buck.

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Colorado Daily Cannabis Purchasing Limit

So how much cannabis can you buy from a dispensary? The answer depends on whether you are a medical patient or recreational consumer.

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Medical Cannabis Daily Purchase Limits

Following new reductions in purchasing limits, most medical patients can buy 2 ounces of cannabis flower and 8 grams of concentrate per day. However, medical patients between 18 and 20 are limited to only 2 grams of concentrate.

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Recreational Cannabis Daily Purchase Limits

The legal age to buy weed in Colorado is 21, so if you’re old enough to drink, you’re old enough to purchase cannabis in a retail setting. The daily purchase limit for recreational users is 1 ounce of weed flower or 8 grams of concentrate. You might wonder: Is there a limit on edibles? Yes. Recreational customers can purchase an assortment of cannabis products, including Colorado edibles, as long as they add up to 800 mg of THC or less.

What Is Cannabis Equivalency?

Because weed comes in so many forms, cannabis equivalency is used to translate purchase limits so customers can more easily mix and match their favorite forms of cannabis.

In Colorado, the legal purchase limit is 1 ounce of weed in the form of cannabis flower. Therefore, 1 ounce is 28 grams of weed flower. If you prefer edibles and concentrates, 28 grams of weed flower is equivalent to 800 mg of edibles or 8 grams of wax, dab, or shatter.

How Have Colorado Cannabis Limits Changed Since Legalization?

Since legalization, the state of Colorado has passed laws to limit the amount of high-potency concentrate consumers under 21 can purchase. In addition, Colorado concentrate laws now limit medical patients to 2 grams of concentrate per day.

How Much Cannabis Can You Legally Possess at One Time?

Now that you know the purchase limits, you’re probably wondering how many ounces of cannabis you can keep on hand? A newly passed Colorado marijuana law allows for possession of up to 2 ounces, doubling the previous 1-ounce limit. Cannabis equivalency limits are also doubled, allowing you to hold up to 16 grams of concentrate or 1600 mg of edibles.

Can I Visit Multiple Dispensaries in One Day in Colorado?

While you can spread purchases across multiple dispensaries, daily purchase limits still apply.

Do Dispensaries Track How Much You Buy?

In Colorado, dispensaries are keen on compliance, meticulously tracking your cannabis purchases to align with state regulations. With a seed-to-sale system, they log what you buy and how much, ensuring you don’t exceed the legal limit. Different dispensaries might have twists on tracking, but all within the state’s guidelines. If you’re curious about the particulars of these practices, Lightshade can provide insights, or you can check with the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division for the full scoop. Shop with peace of mind, knowing they’re keeping an eye on the counts for you.

How Much Cannabis Flower Can I Buy?

You understand purchase limits, so let’s discuss our favorite subject: cannabis! What does 1 oz of weed look like? What does 28 grams of weed look like? And what does it mean to stay within your daily purchase limits?

  • 1 oz of flower = 28 grams

  • 1/2 oz of flower = 14 grams

  • 1/4 oz of flower = 7 grams

  • 1/8 oz of flower = 3.5 grams

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Using these conversions, you can mix and match up to 28 grams of weed and get a little variety while following Colorado marijuana laws.

How Many Edibles Can You Buy in a Day?

You know you can buy 800 mg of edibles daily, but what does that look like? And how much edibles can you carry?

The best way to stay below the legal possession limit of 1600 mg is to look at the mg of THC in the edibles you purchase.

How Much Cannabis Concentrates Can I Buy?

Colorado concentrate laws specify that you can purchase 8 grams of concentrate each day. But how many grams is a half ounce of wax, an ounce of dab, an ounce of shatter, or an ounce of live resin? 8 grams is the equivalent to about 0.28 ounces, so anything under that number means you’re good to go!

How Many Vape Pens or Cartridges Can I Purchase?

If you vape, you might wonder how many vape cartridges you can buy at once. Of course, you can purchase however many pens you’d like, but vape cartridges are cannabis concentrates, so the 8-gram daily limit still applies.

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How Many Cannabis Seeds Can I Purchase?

Seeds and clones count toward your daily limit, so if you want to DIY it, you can only buy a packet of six seeds a day.

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How Many Cannabis Plants Can I Purchase?

If you’re purchasing clones, the same limit applies. Again, your supplier can only provide you with six plants per day.

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What Are Some Combinations To Mix and Match My Cannabis Products?

Last but not least: the mix and match option! Here are some of our favorite options to try:

  • Flower + Concentrate: 0.5 oz flower, 4 grams concentrate
  • Concentrate + Edibles: 4 grams concentrate, 400 mg edibles
  • Flower + Edibles: 0.5 oz flower, 400 mg edibles
  • All Three: 0.5 oz flower, 2 grams concentrate, 200 mg edibles

By following Colorado’s cannabis purchase limits, our friendly budtenders will help you create your perfect cannabis experience. So stop off and see us IRL for a hands-on demonstration!

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