Lucinda Williams Strain

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As well-balanced and beautiful as the voice of the poetic crooner it’s named for, Lucinda Williams is a buzzy, energetic indulgence.

Known for creating uplifted effects without jitter, this hybrid marijuana strain is the perfect blend of relaxing indica and energizing sativa effects that’ll leave you in the perfect mindset for creativity, socializing, or simply kicking back and cranking up the tunes.

Equinox Lucinda Williams

Strain Type: Sativa

Lucinda Williams is a sativa-dominant strain that offers the best of both worlds.

With an even blend of sativa and indica genetics, Lucinda Williams has a powerful THC kick that’ll leave you ready to go exploring, make new friends, and bring a focused, balanced energy to any creative pursuit.


Although there is some mystery behind Lucinda Williams’ lineage, most experts agree that its creators crossbred confirmed parent Cinderella 99 with William’s Wonder to create this balanced strain.

Cinderella 99 pitches in with bright colors and strong citrus flavors, as well as an energetic, uplifting high. William’s Wonder, named for fellow country legend Willie Nelson, is a pure indica that lends Lucinda Williams that lovely, relaxing, full-body high.

How does Lucinda Williams make you feel?

Lucinda Williams is the strain to reach for when you’re looking to bring a little extra special energy to the party.

This strain’s elevated THC levels means the high comes on fast, but it’s cerebral, energetic, and never overwhelming. Take in a spicy lemon toke and notice the immediate uplift as your mood soars skyward, taking any friends who might be within gabbing distance along for the ride.

It’s the perfect kick-back strain, smoothing out your mood and balancing your energy while providing relief for aches, anxiety, and any chronic pain that ails you.

THC Potency

Showing up with sky-high THC levels of 30% and up, Lucinda Williams is a powerful beauty best reserved for experienced smokers looking for a transporting experience.

Energetic, uplifting, and inspiring, Lucinda Williams hits hard with a rocket-boosted smoking experience that’ll leave you grinning (and possibly singing) the afternoon away.

Strain Aromas

With its woodsy, piney aroma tinged with an earthy undertone and light notes of lemon zest, some Lucinda Williams fans describe this strain’s scent as the perfect camping trip in cannabis form. Breathe deep and close your eyes and you’d swear you’re on top of a mountain.

Strain Flavor

Lucinda Williams offers a complex flavor with notes of damp earth and menthol on the inhale. Exhale and you’ll notice a surprising spicy citrus punch, reminiscent of hot cider and oranges stuffed with cinnamon and cloves.


Lending a deliciously citrusy flavor with herbal notes, this lively terpene provides Lucinda Williams’ creative, inspiring mental kick.

Blending Lucinda Williams’ perfectly balanced soothing and energizing effects, caryophyllene also contributes a spicy flavor that many compare to the perfect cup of chai.

Earthy, woody, and with a delicious spicy note, anti-inflammatory humulene brings a soothing, grounded vibe to Lucinda Williams’ energetic boost.

Budtender Reviews

Our budtenders know that Lucinda Williams is a strain that likes to party. It’s one of our go-tos for kickbacks, nights out, and general socializing—basically any time you want to keep the good vibrations going and the conversation flowing.

We love indulging in Lucinda Williams as the perfect companion for creative activities, like listening to live music, a jam session with friends, or any time when you need to kick a basic hang up to the next level with inspiring, indulgent energy that’ll leave you and anyone lucky enough to share Lucinda with you feeling blissed out and blessed.