Tropicana Banana Strain

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Want a transporting, relaxing, and euphoric high that makes you feel like you’ve been airlifted to a tropical island? Tropicana Banana just might be the strain for you.

Featuring tropical flavors and gorgeous dank buds, this delightful hybrid delivers an uplifting and focused experience.

Tropicana Banana Cannabis Strain - Lightshade Equinox Brand

Strain Type: Hybrid

Tropicana Banana draws an energetic, uplifted, and euphoric mental drive from its sativa lineage, and its indica heritage brings full-body relaxation.

With this 60 sativa/40 indica mix, relaxation develops gradually, leaving you with a pleasantly sedated body and an imagination set to roam free.


Descended from sweet Tropicana Cookies and creamy Banana Kush, Tropicana Banana brings together the best of both worlds.

Tropicana Cookies contributes a delightful sense of euphoric uplift, while Banana Kush creates a deeply mellow, full-body buzz. This perfect pairing makes for an unforgettable smoking experience.

How does Tropicana Banana make you feel?

More affordable than a Hawaiian vacation, Tropicana Banana’s potent combination of powerful sativa and indica effects will transport you to more relaxing shores.

The onset comes with euphoric, uplifting effects that boost your mood and leave you feeling energetic, creative, and focused. At first, you may feel chatty and sociable. Then you’ll begin to notice the indica lineage, which brings a deep, profound relaxation and a warming, full-body high that will make you feel like you’re floating in a tropical sea.

A word to the wise: Tropicana Banana is infamous for its propensity to cause dry mouth, so make sure you’ve got that coconut water near at hand.

THC Potency

With a solid 25% average THC level, Tropicana Banana is a potent THC strain with a subtle come-on that prevents it from feeling overwhelming.

Perfect for chasing away a case of the blahs, it’s a popular strain for the smoker who wants a strong but not overpowering experience that will soothe their body and lift their mood.

Strain Aromas

Tropicana Banana’s cheerful, orange accents offer hints about this tasty treat’s delicious aromas. Notes of orange spice and citrus zest pair perfectly with the odor of ripe bananas to create a delightfully sweet, tangy aroma.

Strain Flavor

Tropicana Banana reminds many smokers of a poolside piña colada. Beneath a creamy banana base, there’s a touch of earthy spice, and signature notes of sweet, tart pineapple keep the flavor interesting.


Bringing a down-to-earth herbiness to this strain’s tropical charm, pinene promotes full-body relaxation paired with energetic undertones.

Zesty, creative, and euphoric, limonene brings an enlivening energy burst and a fruity flavor reminiscent of lemon meringue pie.

Creating a perfectly balanced, energized yet grounded experience, spicy caryophyllene delivers a kick of black pepper and clove.

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