Gelato Cake Strain

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Looking for an ultra-delicious strain with a supremely relaxing high? With its creamy taste and potent stress-busting power, Gelato Cake is your huckleberry.

Summoning full-body relaxation, this nighttime or kickback strain is great for unwinding, enjoying the tasty smoking experience, and letting your worries evaporate.

Gelato Cake Cannabis Strain - Lightshade Equinox Brand

Strain Type: Indica Hybrid

An indica-dominant hybrid strain, Gelato Cake is the perfect pairing for your most indulgent self-care activities. Deeply relaxing for both mind and body, it will melt away your worries like gelato in the sun.

With a blend of 75% indica and 25% sativa genes, this chilled out strain creates waves of soothing, warming calm that will leave you sleepy and blissed out.


A member of the eternally popular cookie strain family, Gelato Cake is a cross breeding of Wedding Cake and Gelato 33.

Wedding Cake contributes the creamy vanilla flavor and ultra-potent THC content cake strains are known for, creating euphoric effects that soothe body and mind, while Gelato 33 brings a delightfully cerebral, energetic kick to the mix.

How does Gelato Cake make you feel?

Great for relieving pain and soreness, stimulating appetite, and soothing aches and pains, Gelato Cake has an all-encompassing power to cause deep, transporting, sleep-inducing relaxation.

The onset hits with a slow-building euphoria and creative energy, lighting up your mind with happiness and playful ease. As the strain settles in, expect the relaxing ebb and flow of a full-body high that washes over you like warm waves lapping the Mediterranean shore.

Perfect for laid-back occasions and late-night consumption, it’s a heavy hitting indulgence you’ll return to again and again.

THC Potency

With an average 22.5% THC level, Gelato Cake’s tasty, light flavors disguise its surprisingly potent punch of couch lock-inducing power.

Best for experienced consumers, this sedating strain is our secret self-care weapon, washing all your worries away and inducing deep relaxation.

Strain Aromas

A creamy, indulgent treat, Gelato Cake has a signature sweet-and-sour, vanilla ice cream aroma that many find irresistible. The exhale adds complexity with notes of lavender, pink pepper and pine, citrus, and earthy sour diesel.

Strain Flavor

This indica-dominant hybrid is packed with delicious flavor. You’ll taste creamy vanilla, plus a surprising sour cherry kick. A subtle herbal, almost piney note adds an intriguing complexity that lingers long after the exhale.


Limonene contributes a bright, citrusy, lemon blossom flavor, and brings a zesty and creative energy to this relaxing smoking experience.

Beta Caryophyllene
Love Gelato Cake’s peppery back note? Thank beta caryophyllene. Bringing a perfect balance of soothing relaxation and energy, this terpene adds intrigue to this easy smoking strain.

With a calming, floral, lavender garden aroma, linalool is responsible for Gelato Cake’s soothing, anti-anxiety action and deep couch lock power.

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