Black Cherry Cookies Strain

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If you’re looking for a strain with a perfectly balanced sweet-and-sour bite, Black Cherry Cookies is going to be a hit.

Offering free-floating good vibes and a deeply relaxing high, it’s a great kickback or nighttime strain with an unforgettable flavor you’ll love. Dank, dense, and dreamy, this transporting strain is Sour Patch Kids in cannabis form.

Equinox Black Cherry Cookies

Strain Type: Indica

An indica-dominant strain, Black Cherry Cookies is the ultimate anti-stress solution. Relaxing body and mind, it’ll leave you blissed-out and swept away.

At 80% indica and 20% sativa, this strain is infamous for summoning a strong wave of tranquility, and thanks to a slight kick from the sativa, it never overwhelms.


As you might expect from its reputation, Black Cherry Cookies is descended from two legendary strains: Girl Scout Cookies and Black Cherry.

Girl Scout Cookies contributes its signature playful, euphoric energy and-full body relaxation, while Black Cherry brings a sweet-and-sour flavor and an even greater depth of physical relaxation. This dynamic duo of ancestors makes Black Cherry Cookies a seriously special smoking experience.

How does Black Cherry Cookies make you feel?

Need to catch a few z’s? Black Cherry Cookies is here to save the day. Creating an unforgettable depth of relaxation, this forest green beauty will leave you utterly relaxed and happy.

The onset offers a light cerebral lift that fills you with a sense of playful joy. Then you settle into the strain’s signature full-body calming and soothing effects. As the high intensifies, you’ll experience that indica intensity, riding out a blissful couch lock into slumber.

Great for late-night consumption, Black Cherry Cookies will leave you utterly relaxed.

THC Potency

With an average potency level of 26.5% THC, Black Cherry Cookies is great for restless afternoons or evenings when you want to relax as deeply as possible.

A slight sativa lift prevents the couch lock from getting overwhelming as this strain invites you to step into a deep sense of blissed-out, soothing euphoria.

Strain Aromas

With a strong, peppery diesel aroma, Black Cherry Cookies is a sweet and spicy treat. Inhale more deeply and you’ll pick up on aromas of grape soda and fruity berries, with a sweet cookie note that always reminds us of a fresh-baked black cherry pie.

Strain Flavor

As the name implies, Black Cherry Cookies is the tastiest version of two great flavors. The sweet-and-sour black cherry base is the most obvious flavor, but stick around and you’ll notice comforting notes of fresh-baked cookies.


Packed with multiple types of pinene, Black Cherry Cookie showcases this terpene’s ability to create the most blissful body high.

Creating a soothing, anti-anxiety blanket of warm sensation, linalool creates an unforgettably soothing but never overwhelming couch lock.

Floral, sweet, and delicately herbaceous, sweet myrcene lends extra euphoria and a playful, giggly energy to this strain’s signature calm.

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