Mac and Cheese Strain

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Often described as the ultimate comfort strain, Mac and Cheese, also known as Mac n Cheese, is a heavy hitting hybrid known for its energetic, uplifting effects.

With a potent, pungent aroma, this indulgent strain is perfect for socializing, creative time, or enjoying a delicious meal, like a warm bowl of actual mac n cheese or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Equinox Mac and Cheese

Strain Type: Indica Hybrid

Mac and Cheese’s balanced blend of 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics make it the perfect mix of relaxation and energy.

Consumers can expect to enjoy a laid-back but engaging experience, perfect for socializing with close friends, exploring the great outdoors, or wholeheartedly embracing a favorite creative pursuit.


Created by crossbreeding The MAC with Alien Cheese, Mac and Cheese blends the best qualities of its legendary ancestors.

This strain gets its upbeat effects and tasty terpene profile from The MAC, while Alien Cheese creates sleepy, relaxed, full-body soothing sensations.

How does Mac and Cheese make you feel?

Unlike some strains which take time to make their effects known, the Mac and Cheese high typically hits as soon as you exhale.

The sensation arrives first as an energetic burst of motivation and cerebral energy. You might feel chatty and excitable, ready to vibe with anyone and everyone around you, or you might simply want to kick back and take in the energy of the room.

This energizing kick is followed by a soothing, tingly full-body high which warms your limbs and invites you to sink into the couch. Sit back, relax, and let that Mac and Cheese magic flow.

THC Potency

With an average superpowered THC level of 25%+, Mac and Cheese also enjoys high levels of CBG, which accounts for this strain’s ability to enhance pleasure and motivation.

This unusual blend of potency and uplift is responsible for the unique experience Mac and Cheese offers, pairing mental energy with relaxing full-body ease.

Strain Aromas

As its name implies, Mac and Cheese has a funky, almost cheesy aroma—but it’s more like aged brie than a box of instant mac. Paired with creamy overtones, bright and sour citrus, and spicy, skunky diesel aromas, it’s a weirdly compelling scent that we can’t get enough of.

Strain Flavor

Mac and Cheese is known for the sweet, creamy, almost buttery melted cheese flavor it offers on the inhale. Exhale, and you’ll notice touches of sweet and sour citrus, reminiscent of lemon gelato, and a slightly spicy, skunky kick at the back.


Helping intensify Mac and Cheese’s euphoric yet relaxing effects, myrcene contributes sweet, delicately herbal notes of mango, thyme, and lemongrass.

Bringing balance and blended effects, caryophyllene supports the relaxing uplift Mac and Cheese creates as well as notes of cloves, cinnamon, and allspice.

Love Mac and Cheese’s uplifted energy? Thank limonene, which also pitches in for that creamy lemon gelato note you’ll enjoy on the exhale.

Budtender Reviews

Our budtenders recommend Mac and Cheese for cannabis enthusiasts looking to enjoy a well rounded daytime smoking experience. Pairing mental uplift with deep, soothing physical relaxation, it’s the perfect social strain.

So when’s the best time to break out the Mac and Cheese? We love keeping it on hand for moments when we need to transform a stale social scene. One hit and you’ll be vibing on a higher level, chatting up old friends, enjoying favorite creative activities, and bringing a new energy to everyday life.