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Even stronger than its legendary parents, Glueball #7 isn’t for the faint of heart or light of tolerance. It’s the ultimate wind down strain, leaving you loose-limbed and giggly with a single puff.

Banish pain and anxiety as you sink into a state of couch-lock loving euphoria and feel your stress melt away. Glueball #7’s powerfully calming effects will have you swooning.

Lightshade Equinox Glueball #7 Cannabis Bud

Strain Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

A slight indica-dominant hybrid with a blend of 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics, Glueball #7 is surprisingly well balanced for a strain of such impressive potency.

The indica genetics offer a classic couch-lock experience, melting you into a puddle of happy, giggly goop. But look out for that sativa energy, which brings a surprising burst of cerebral uplift, perfect for daydreaming and giggling away a long, sunny afternoon.


Those celebrity strain parents we mentioned earlier? Not to name drop, but they’re Original Glue and Snowball—two of the most famously potent strains on the scene.

Original Glue gives Glueball #7 its signature heavy-handed blend of relaxation and euphoric energy, while Snowball adds an uplift of happiness and bliss, filling your mind and body with a sense of all-consuming well-being.

How does Glueball #7 make you feel?

When you first inhale Glueball #7, you’ll almost immediately notice an onrush of cerebral effects when you exhale. Many users report a sudden case of the giggles and an urge to socialize—so prepare to get chatty.

Once the initial effect fades, you’ll feel yourself drifting into a state of unfocused, loosey-goosey bliss. Your body will ease into a delightfully tingly, buzzy sense of couch-lock, as your mind soars to new imaginative heights.

Because Glueball #7 is such a powerful strain, some inexperienced users report feeling dizzy or anxious, with dry mouth sensations. To avoid overwhelm, remember to start low and go slow, and always keep your beverage of choice close at hand.

THC Potency

Serving up a mega dose of cannabis power, Glueball #7 clocks in with an impressive average 25% THC level guaranteed to knock your socks off.

Best reserved for more experienced cannabis users looking for a powerful consumption experience, this heavy hitter offers the ultimate knockout punch.

Strain Aromas

The more you toke, the more Glueball #7’s aromatic profile will intensify. With heavy, pungent diesel aromas paired with notes of fresh pine needle and a lemon zest tang, this powerful strain has a surprisingly uplifting flavor that matches its energetic effects.

Strain Flavor

With a sweet-and-sour pine flavor tinged with citrus, Glueball #7 has a surprisingly savory, umami aftertaste on the inhale. The exhale brings a pungent diesel aroma with bright accents of Moroccan preserved lemons.

Glueball #7’s Most Prominent Terpenes

Glueball #7’s pine forest aroma and calming, grounding effects are thanks to pinene—like the experience of breathing deep in an old growth forest recreated by terpenes.

Lending uplifting, sprightly energy and that signature citrusy flavor, limonene brings a delightful energetic onset to this calming strain.

Love Glueball #7’s potent couch-lock inducing power? Thank linalool. This terpene’s calming effects and lavender garden aromas create a sense of deep relaxation.

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Rumored to be a descendent of Chemdog, the legendary strain born in a Grateful Dead parking lot, Sour Diesel is another star child that shares Glueball #7’s power.

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Budtender Reviews

Got a case of the Mondays? Suffering from aches, pains, and annoyances all day long? Then friend, this bud’s for you. Lightshade budtenders know Glueball #7 is the ultimate bad mood buster, guaranteed to melt away your workaday worries.

We love indulging in this strain after a bad day—but it also has a handy way of making good days even better. Get comfy in your favorite loungewear, put on a favorite album or movie, and enjoy the powerful experience of pure, couch-locked bliss.

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