Primus OG

Primus OG is complex hybrid, falls under the REST category on our balance scale and provides a sweet tasting, creative and long lasting euphoric high.

Primus OG can help with:

  • Sleep Aid
  • General Head and Neck Pain
  • Tension Relief


(303 Kush x Arcata x Trainwreck)

This complex hybrid is a cross of three strains: Trainwreck, 303 OG, and Arcata. Each parent strain passes on something special to Primus: 303 OG gives it a sour yet fuity flavor, Trainwreck provides long-lasting euphoria, and Arcata rounds it out with a creative kick. Primus OG is a trifecta of smell, smooth flavor, and long-lasting effects. This makes for a potent hybrid sought after by both medical and recreational consumers. It is great for evening relaxation and management of depression, anxiety, appetite loss, or pain relief.

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