Lavender Jones Strain

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Famous for its signature shades of vibrant green and purple, Lavender Jones is the perfect strain to send you into a state of easy bliss.

Summoning a transporting and cerebral euphoria that promotes deep relaxation, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a descendent of Purple Urkle and Casey Jones.

Strain Type: Indica Hybrid

A strong sativa energy paired with the full-body relaxation from its indica ancestors make Lavender Jones an ideal hybrid for all day indulgence.

With a refreshing flavor and controllable high, Lavender Jones is a favorite strain for times when we want a deeply relaxed but enlivening smoking experience.


Lavender Jones is a worthy descendent of two notable ancestors: Purple Urkle and Casey Jones.

Purple Urkle gives this balanced strain its signature dense bud structure and positively psychedelic color display, while Casey Jones brings a signature blend of cerebral euphoria and deep, centering relaxation.

How does Lavender Jones make you feel?

The wonderfully balanced one-two punch of indica and sativa effects makes Lavender Jones a potent yet approachable strain for all day indulgence, regardless of your tolerance or experience level.

The high begins with a cerebral charge that’s soothing yet energizing, fighting off any sense of stress, anxiety, or general bad vibes that might be lingering. Indica relaxation means it’s a great strain for combating insomnia, but it won’t send you right to dreamland like a pure indica would. Instead, expect a relaxed euphoria that lends itself well to chilled out, creative bliss.

THC Potency

With a relatively moderate average THC level of 15.5%, Lavender Jones has a manageable potency that makes it an excellent session strain.

Perfect for smokers of all levels, it creates a relaxing, mood-elevating experience that relieves tension without feeling overwhelming or creating unbreakable couch lock.

Strain Aromas

Some theorize that Lavender Jones got its name because the aroma reminds some users of fresh lavender. Its sweet, tangy orange peel aroma pairs perfectly with the scents of herbal lavender and sage and just a hint of grape candy sweetness.

Strain Flavor

On your first toke, you might notice that Lavender Jones has a sweet appeal with intense notes of citrus brightness reminiscent of orange creamsicles. Stick around and you’ll notice subtle notes of creamy herbal lavender, fragrant fruit, and an earthy aftertaste.


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