Orange Herijuana

Orange Herijuana is an Indica-Dominant Hybrid, falls under the INSPIRE category on our balance scale and is often used as a day strain.

Orange Herijuana can help with:

  • General Pain Relief
  • Creativity
  • Elevate Mood


(Orange Creamsicle x Herijuana)

The Herijuana lineage of Orange Herijuana would suggest a heavy-hitting couch lock experience, but the Orange Creamsicle cross genetics helps to lighten the effects of this strain. Great recreationally for hiking or outdoor relaxation, this strain makes an easy weekend afternoon so much better. Medicinally, this moderate strain will help alleviate minor pains while providing an uplifting experience that allows the patient to stay active and pain-free. With its delightful fruity experience and its uplifting euphoric effects, this strain is a guaranteed favorite.

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