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Tasty and tranquil, Orange Herijuana is the strain to reach for when you’re looking for a soothing, indulgent consumption experience. With bright flavors of orange creamsicle and lemon meringue pie and strong indica genetics perked up with a touch of sativa energy, it’s an incredibly memorable treat.

We reach for this strain when we want to shift vibes. Creating a gentle, happy ride from the moment you start toking, it’s the cannabis equivalent of floating down a lazy river of citrus flavors. And its effects are practically guaranteed to wash away anxiety, depression, and pain, leaving you happy and relaxed.

Lightshade Dispensary - Orange Herijuana Strain

Strain Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

With 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics, Orange Herijuana is a delightfully energetic take on the classic indica experience. A strong indica foundation creates a profound sense of ease, and the sativa brings a touch of energy that livens up the vibe.

Expect a soothing, relaxing, and positively indulgent high with a slight sativa buzz at the finish. You’ll enjoy a blissful yet surprisingly energetic ride as you feel the waves of relaxation travel through your body and mind, washing away all your worries and cares.


Also called Orange Herijuana CBD or CBD Hemp, this indica-dominant beauty was created by crossing two tasty yet potent strains: Orange Creamsicle and Herijuana.

With citrus cream notes and a slightly tingly body high, Orange Creamsicle is responsible for that sweet sativa energy. And this strain’s irresistible invitation to relax comes from Herijuana, one of the all-time great indicas. Blended together, they make for an uplifted yet easy ride.

How does Orange Herijuana make you feel?

Orange Herijuana comes on fast and strong. There’s an irresistible wave of relaxation and delight as soon as you inhale. Take in those tasty notes of citrus and cream cheese frosting as you feel an immediate buzz fill your mind.

As the high settles in, you’ll experience a deep sense of peace and ease. All will seem well in the world, as a warm, comforting sensation travels through your body and mind, accompanied by an unexpected yet lovely energetic uplift.

As the initial energy gently fades into the background, the high gets more relaxing, leaving you satiated and pleasantly sleepy. Close your eyes and drift into dreamland as you enjoy the grand finale of this irresistible strain.

THC Potency

With manageable THC level of around 12%, Orange Herijuana boasts especially high levels of CBD, approximately equal to the THC. Together, these cannabinoids create a perfectly balanced mind and body experience.

With equal parts of THC and CBD, Orange Herijuana is excellent for session use or occasions when you’ll be smoking throughout the day. It’s also a great starter strain for users with a lower tolerance who are looking for a transporting yet not overwhelming experience.

Strain Aromas

Breathe deeply and you’ll notice Orange Herijuana’s bright, vibrant scent of sour citrus and sweet herbal tea. Back notes of pink peppercorns, and a slight skunky sourness make this strain a treat for the senses.

Strain Flavor

On the inhale, Orange Herijuana is all sour citrus, orange flower blossoms, and memories of a summertime lemonade stand. But when you exhale, you’ll begin to notice notes of vanilla and creme fraiche that transform this strain into a patisserie delight.

Prominent Terpenes

Bringing a burst of focus-boosting energy and that hot pepper backnote, caryophyllene enlivens Orange Herijuana’s soothing appeal with a kick of citrus and sour spice.

Sweet, juicy, and irresistible, fruity myrcene brings herbal notes to the party, creating a deeply soothing, nurturing, and relaxing vibe. Think of it as a spa day in terpene form.

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Sweet, creamy Ice Cream Cake is all indulgence, with vanilla notes and a body high that washes away aches, pains, and anxiety, just like Orange Herijuana.

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Budtender Reviews

If you’re seeking the perfect flower for social situations, look no further. Orange Herijuana has a little something for everyone. Lightshade budtenders love its delicious flavors and aromas and easy all-day consumption appeal.

We reach for this strain when we’re seeking a relaxing yet lively high. Perfect for live music, frisbee in the park, or hiking through the glorious Colorado woods, it’s the strain to keep in your back pocket for those lazy weekends and long afternoons.

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