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With a potent blend of indica and sativa genetics, Goldmember is a fan favorite known for its balanced effects on body and mind. This strain’s high THC levels and fruity cereal milk flavor will leave you feeling groovy.

Happy, giggly, euphoric effects and a soaring head rush will have you energized and flying high, and those soothing indica genetics keep centered. Stay grounded while you reach for the stars with this crowd-pleasing strain.

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Strain Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

With a mixture of 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics in its lineage, Goldmember is technically an indica-dominant hybrid—but those high levels of sativa influence makes it an unusually enlivening experience for an indica.

While Goldmember’s effects are primarily grounding and centering, sativa genes keep it from being a classic sleepytime strain. Instead, it offers a unique blend of calming body effects, with a joyful, euphoric mental experience.


Goldmember’s uniquely balanced blend was created by breeding its beloved balanced hybrid ancestors: Sour Banana Larry and Golden Retriever.

As you may have guessed from its name, Golden Retriever is a true crowd-pleaser that delivers happy, uplifted effects—two qualities it passed down to Goldmember. Sour Banana Larry lends a calm and centering power, plus a light munchie effect that’ll inspire you to get creative in the kitchen.

How does Goldmember make you feel?

Goldmember comes on like a pure indica at the onset, melting away stress, aches, and pains. Expect to feel waves of relaxation traveling through your body after a hard day.

Once your body is fully relaxed, those sativa effects start to make themselves known. You might find yourself catching a case of the giggles, or simply laying back and enjoying the soaring sensation while your imagination reaches new heights.

As the high settles in, you’ll enjoy a perfectly calibrated balance of blended mind and body effects. Sit back and enjoy the ride, or get creative with a favorite hobby as you ride the wave of this strain’s signature inspiring euphoria.

THC Potency

With a 24% THC level, Goldmember packs a serious punch—so if you’re not an experienced user, start low and go slow with this tasty strain.

Perfect for soothing both mental stress and physical aches and pains, Goldmember is often relied on for medical relief, but it’s a great recreational strain, too. Let the physical relief and mental uplift wash over you as you sink into this powerful high.

Strain Aromas

Breathe deep, and you’ll notice that Goldmember smells almost exactly like freshly cut grass. Additional herbal notes make for a soothing spa day experience, with aromas of lavender, sage, and even a hint of mint.

Strain Flavor

Goldmember comes on sweet, with a fruity, citrus flavor that reminds us of the perfect ripe tangerine. The exhale adds a spicy, sweet taste with notes of pink peppercorn and red curry paste that’s unique and totally addictive

Goldmember's Most Prominent Terpenes

Soothing, centering myrcene gives Goldmember its centering energy and brings those delightfully distinctive herbal notes.

Grounding and balancing, there’s something about the spruce tip scent of pinene that always reminds us of a remote forest grove.

With herbal, fruity notes, and a deep, satisfying sweetness, calming terpinolene creates euphoric, uplifting effects that’ll make you feel like you’re floating.

Lightshade Ganjier Zach Recommends Strains Like Goldmember

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Budtender Reviews

“This one is a nice indica-hybrid for me that’s super stoney. It has beautiful color to it to and I can easily sell it on that. It makes me giggly, stoned but still productive, and it’s overall fun. Gives a classic high feeling.”

“Earthy smell and good for day time, low-key activities.”

Goldmember’s unique blend of calming and energizing effects make it one of our budtenders’ most recommended strains for the ultimate fun night in. Let those waves of relaxation wash over your body as your mind searches for creative ways to liven up the evening.

We love pairing this strain with a good movie and a giant bowl of popcorn. Or draw on those munchie-inspiring powers and host a mini Iron Chef combo with friends and housemates. You can always count on Goldmember for a relaxing good time. It’s like a carefree childhood sleepover party in strain form.

“This one is a nice indica-hybrid for me that’s super stoney. It has beautiful color to it to and I can easily sell it on that. It makes me giggly, stoned but still productive, and it’s overall fun. Gives a classic high feeling.”

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