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Looking for a tokable treat as tasty as it is potent? You just might be ready for the Animal Mint experience. This strain delivers delightful minty flavor and long-lasting effects.

Often used by medical marijuana patients, this strain has a fun, minty flavor reminiscent of Thin Mint cookies. But don’t let that sweet flavor fool you; this strain doesn’t mess around. Potent THC levels and a unique terpene profile make Animal Mints a heavy hitter.

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Strain Type: Balanced Hybrid

Bringing together a perfectly calibrated mix of 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics, Animal Mints is a balanced hybrid with something for everyone. Expect a blended mind/body high, along with intense relaxation and a slight energetic uplift.

This strain’s famous mint chocolate chip ice cream flavor suggests you’re in for a chill ride—but look out for those heavy hitting effects. Delivering a strong and long-lasting high, Animal Mints is an all-day sensation that will wash away your worries.


Animal Mints was born when Animal Cookies met SinMint Cookies—two legendary parents whose offspring has become an equally legendary after-work strain.

SinMint Cookies contributes its signature minty fresh aroma, plus powerfully euphoric effects that encourage your imagination to roam. Animal Cookies brings that infamously powerful full-body high, obliterating all symptoms and leaving you blissed out and liquid on the couch.

How does Animal Mints make you feel?

The first thing you’ll notice when smoking Animal Mints is that irresistibly sweet, minty, and totally delicious flavor with hints of vanilla and pine. This taste is accompanied by a cerebral uplift that fills your mind with a floaty happiness.

As the euphoria spreads through your body, you’ll feel your limbs relaxing into a state of buzzy, heavy couchlock. Stress and strain will melt away as you kick back and relax, forgetting the worries of your day and sinking into the delightful sensations of softness and warmth.

With long-lasting, lingering effects, the high will grow deeper and deeper, stretching into the afternoon as you float in and out of focus, before drifting off into a peaceful sleep, only to wake up refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the day.

THC Potency

With average THC levels hovering around 29%, Animal Cookies has some serious power. That potency is built to last, creating a high that’ll leave you blissed out for hours.

These strong, pain-fighting effects are one of the reasons Animal Cookies is so popular for medical use, where it’s perfect for soothing aches, insomnia, and easing stressors that make you feel anxious or blue.

Strain Aromas

A hit of Animal Mints is a true treat for the senses. Inhale and you’ll notice a base note of earthy pine. Spikes of brisk mint and powerful diesel are the perfect pairing for the freshly baked cookie scent that emerges as the flower burns.

Strain Flavor

On the inhale, Animal Cookies delivers the sweet, bakery window flavors you expect from a classic cookie strain, with notes of sweet mint and a slight chocolatey aftertaste. Exhale and the experience deepens, with a lingering flavor of hazelnut, vanilla, and brown butter.

Animal Mints’ Most Prominent Terpenes

With warm, peppery aromas, and a slight cinnamon twist, aromatic caryophyllene lends this strain its soothing, grounding, and centering effects.

Pinene creates the pitch perfect balance of effects this strain is known for, with a soothing, full-body euphoria and pine forest aromas.

Zesty, bright, and energetic, creativity boosting limonene pitches in with sweet and sour flavors, and an irresistibly happy uplift.

Lightshade Ganjier Zach Recommends Strains Like Animal Mints

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Budtender Reviews

Animal Mints definitely brings out the animal in Lightshade budtenders. Its perfectly balanced effects and irresistible aroma will tempt you to put your hand in the proverbial cookie jar. This strain is a true treat for the senses, and that’s the best way to end a bad day—or make a good day even better.

Whether you’ve had a stressful day at work or just need a little pick-me-up, Animal Mints pairs perfectly with your favorite comfort show and some real cookies to munch on.

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