White Dawg Strain

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Don’t tell the sleepytime bear, but some say White Dawg is the ultimate tool in the battle against restless nights. Soothing and sedating, this relaxing hybrid strain delivers a body high better than a hot bath and a dose of melatonin.

But make no mistake—this dawg strain is no one-trick pony. If you aren’t looking to catch some z’s, it’s the perfect companion for a staycation, TV marathon, or appreciating the relaxing sights and sounds of nature.

Strain Type: Balanced Hybrid

White Dawg is that rarest of all things in the cannabis world: a perfectly balanced hybrid. With 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics, this tasty treat offers up a consumption experience that delivers the best of both worlds.

Those indica genetics create White Dawg’s famously sedating and soothing effects, while sativa livens up the experience with euphoric and giggly energy. Together, they make for a perfectly potent combo that will have you coming back for more.


There is some controversy around the subject of White Dawg’s lineage, but most experts believe this balanced strain is the result of breeding White Fire OG with Chemdawg.

White Fire OG lends its offspring that famous high potency and enlivening, cerebral effects. Chemdawg brings things back down to earth with strong, grounded, almost broody energy that will have you drifting off into a restful sleep.

How does White Dawg make you feel?

White Dawg comes on hot and heavy, with an almost immediate onset that’ll knock the inexperienced cannabis consumer for a loop. Some say that the initial experience involves a quick uptick of euphoric energy, while others say they go straight into the relaxation phase.

However your ride begins, as the high settles in you’ll experience an undeniable sense of relaxation and ease. Warm, sleepy sensations will travel through your body, as all stresses, aches, and pains melt away, leaving you thoroughly relaxed and sedated.

As your ailments fade away and the heavy body high settles in, you’ll likely feel an undeniable urge to shut those eyes. Don’t fight it—this strain is famous for helping users enjoy an extremely restful and restorative sleep.

THC Potency

Clocking in at an average THC level of 20%, White Dawg isn’t a strain for the faint of heart. It may be best enjoyed in small doses or by experienced users.

High levels of both THC and CBD means this balanced hybrid is excellent for many medical applications, including aches, pains, inflammation, stress, and nausea.

Strain Aromas

Breathe deep, and you’ll detect notes of earth, tobacco, and a hint of skunky hash—like the cannabis equivalent of the perfect camping trip. Slightly cheesy back notes reveal an aromatic complexity that’s positively irresistible.

Strain Flavor

On the inhale, you’ll notice more of that outdoorsy vibe, with woody notes and hints of pine, as well as a fruity, herbal sweetness. Breathe out, and that creamy, cheesy sensation returns, paired with just a hint of pink peppercorn spice.

White Dawg’s Most Prominent Terpenes

Summoning a balanced blend of energetic and soothing effects, peppery caryophyllene gives White Dawg its signature spicy kick.

Zesty and creative, limonene brings a boost of euphoria to White Dawg’s onset, as well as sweet fruity flavors reminiscent of lemon meringue pie.

Herbal, complex, and aromatic, sweet myrcene creates White Dawg’s inimitable sense of relaxed euphoria that washes your worries and cares away.

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Budtender Reviews

It has really nice flavor and gave me a nice body high.
4 out 5 Stars | Budtender Kai | Lightshade Barnum
Smokes well gives you an uplifting high.
5 out 5 Stars | Budtender Courtney | Lightshade Evans
This is a indica leaning funky tasting strain, I really enjoy it!
5 out 5 Stars | Budtender Diego | Lightshade Federal Heights
4 out 5 Stars | Budtender Kendra | Lightshade Peoria
A solid and functional head high
5 out 5 Stars | Budtender Mark| Lightshade Peoria
This is a indica leaning funky tasting strain, I really enjoy it!
5 out 5 Stars | Budtender Diego | Lightshade Federal Heights
I love the white dawg! It’s a nice blend of sativas that isn’t too intense to handle, but its smooth and gives a good uplift.
5 out 5 Stars | Budtender Kazimir | Lightshade Evans
Was wonderfully Earthy with notes of pine. Lovely for a cold bowl in the winter.
4 out 5 Stars | Budtender Raeghan | Lightshade Federal Heights
3 out 5 Stars | Budtender Leslie | Lightshade Federal Heights
White Dawg has a mild high and subtle taste. Great for people looking for a chill, low-key, high.
3 out 5 Stars | Budtender Steven | Lightshade Evans
I feel a good and not too couch-locked with this one.
4 out 5 Stars | Budtender Rachel | Lightshade Evans
I love the White Dawg strain because it’s a nice mellow hybrid. The high starts very heady, and gradually moves down to the body. It also has a wonderful smoke that isn’t too harsh or thick.
4 out 5 Stars | Budtender Vallorie | Lightshade Evans

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