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Don’t let the (slightly depressing) name fool you—Divorce Cake is a strain worth celebrating. A potent and aromatic blend of Wedding Cake and White Wedding genetics, this indica-dominant powerhouse is a sweet, indulgent taste sensation.

Creating a buzzy, soothing high that’ll wash away your worries, Divorce Cake is a great way to unwind after a long day, or amplify the blissful energy of a long, carefree afternoon. Savor those cakey flavors and let the good times roll.

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Strain Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Composed of a powerful blend of 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics, Divorce Cake creates a soothing, sedating high that won’t overwhelm you. Expect a fully relaxed body paired with a mind that’s free to wander on flights of imaginative whimsy.

Those indica effects create a famously powerful full body-buzz, perfect for easing aches and pains and washing away the stress of your day. A light sativa touch chimes in with uplift and energy, keeping things interesting and preventing you from sinking into a stupor.


Divorce Cake was created when White Widow met Wedding Cake—a perfect marriage that led to the creation of this tasty strain.

Legendary strain White Widow brings its famous signature boost of euphoria and creative energy, livening up the classic indica experience. Wedding Cake brings that euphoria right back down to earth, with soothing, relaxing, full-body effects and a sweet cake flavor profile.

How does Divorce Cake make you feel?

Divorce Cake might taste like a sweet treat, but as soon as you inhale those tantalizing aromas you’ll realize this strain packs a punch. The high comes on hot and heavy, blasting you into the stratosphere as soon as you exhale.

Euphoria and happiness are the primary effects of this initial state, elevating your mood and leaving you giggly and blissed out. Let your mind wander while your spirit soars.

As the high settles in, this cerebral state lifts, leaving you deeply soothed and relaxed. Couchlock will come on strong, paired with a case of the munchies, as a blissful, full-body buzz consumes you.

THC Potency

With super high average THC levels of around 27%, Divorce Cake is definitely not for the faint of heart—or the inexperienced cannabis consumer.

Used to treat spasms, pain, insomnia, and appetite loss, Divorce Cake is ideal for medical use. It’s also a great strain to break out when you’re in search of deep recreational relaxation. That slight indica uplift keeps things from feeling overwhelming as you enjoy those soothing effects.

Strain Aromas

Breathe in, and you’ll notice sour citrus and fresh tropical fruits that cut through the creamy top notes of this sweet bakery delight. On the exhale, notes of fruity earth and sour diesel bring intrigue to this flavorful confection.

Strain Flavor

Divorce Cake has a classic cake strain flavor, meaning it’s sweet, creamy, and utterly compelling. That whipped cream top note is accented with a sweet and sour citrus flavor, as well as a faint but undeniable earthy note.

Divorce Cake’s Most Prominent Terpenes

Those sour, tropical flavors that give Divorce Cake its zing come from creativity boosting limonene, which brings a zesty citrus flavor and an energetic boost.

Bringing soothing, relaxing, and sedating indica effects, caryophyllene blends perfectly with that limonene energy to create a perfectly potent balance.

Centering, grounding, and balancing, pinene brings a perfectly calming energy that soothes and eases you into Divorce Cake’s blissful, full-body high.

Lightshade Ganjier Zach Recommends Strains Like Divorce Cake

Love Divorce Cake’s creamy, citrus-spiked flavors and cerebral indica effects? Lightshade Ganjier Zach York has a few more strains to recommend:

One of the OG cake strains, Ice Cream Cake offers a soothing, calming experience, paired with tasty notes of marshmallow and vanilla creme.

Take that cake strain sensation to the next level with Gelato Cake’s sweet, creamy flavor and potent THC punch.

Sometimes called the ultimate comfort strain, Mac and Cheese is a slightly more energetic take on Divorce Cake’s soothing indica charm.

Budtender Reviews

An unusual descendent of two legendary cake strains, our budtenders reach for Divorce Cake when they want to impress fellow cannabis connoisseurs—or treat themselves to a particularly potent and delicious indica indulgence.

This sweet strain pairs perfectly with our favorite self-care activities, like taking a long nap or unwinding with a great movie. Bring it to your next date night dinner if you want that takeout to taste extra delicious before you transition into the ultimate all-night snuggle sesh.

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