Lilac Diesel #22


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If you want to liven up a long afternoon or transform a day of dull errands into an epic adventure, then Lilac Diesel #22 is the strain for you. Juicy, delicious, and euphoric, it’s the ideal strain for everyday indulgence.

Offering a balanced blend of sativa and indica genetics, we love to use this strain for chasing the blahs and blues away. Lilac Diesel #22 pairs perfectly with creative projects, socializing, or any other activity where you could use a burst of cerebral, euphoric energy.

Equinox Lilac Diesel #22 Strain

Strain Type: Balanced Hybrid

A balanced blend of indica and sativa genetics means that Lilac Diesel #22 truly offers the best of both worlds. It’s a fantastic afternoon strain that chills you out and perks you up—giving you the boost you need to make the most of your day.

Those sativa genes kick things into gear with euphoria, energy, and good vibrations. But you won’t fly too high before the indica influences bring you back down to earth for an energetic yet centered experience.


Lilac Diesel #22 has a complex lineage, involving the crossbreeding of multiple strains. Silver Lemon Haze and Forbidden Fruit is crossed with NYC Cherry Pie and Citral Glue for a consumption experience that’s bespoke in the best way.

Award-winning Silver Lemon Haze is fruity, fresh, and energetic, while Forbidden Fruit brings a hard-hitting high and sweet cherry backnotes. NYC Cherry Pie is pure, sweet giggly euphoria, balanced perfectly by Citral Glue’s potent stickiness. These qualities combined make Lilac Diesel #22 a one-of-a-kind strain.

How does Lilac Diesel #22 make you feel?

With a quick and intense onset, you’ll immediately notice waves of euphoric, uplifted, and giggly bliss overtake your body from the first toke. Let those good vibrations flow as all worries and cares melt away.

Once that happy, goofy energy levels out, you’ll enter a curious, creative, and positively joyful state of mind. It’s easy to keep on the sunny side as you ride the high through wherever your day’s adventures take you. 

Once the party is over and that energetic uplift fades, you’ll really begin to notice those indica effects. Soothing waves of calm will wash over you as your mind and body relax, preparing you for a good night’s rest.

THC Potency

With average THC rates hovering around 22%, Lilac Diesel #22 definitely gets the job done. For the optimal experience with this strain, start low and go slow.

That high THC profile is perfectly balanced by terpenes and minor cannabinoids that prevent things from getting overwhelming, keeping your energy up and your mind wandering through the stratosphere.

Strain Aromas

Lilac Diesel #22 is famous for its glistening, gleaming nugs, which emit a blast of aroma as you break them in your hands. Spicy pink peppercorn notes are at the forefront, pairing perfectly with surgery notes of sweet, fruity berries and a sharp hint of diesel.

Strain Flavor

All those storied ancestors mean this strain has a complex terpene profile and a flavor that’s on the mild side. On the inhale you’ll taste notes of sweet strawberry shortcake and earthy pine. Exhale, and you’ll experience hints of citrus, hops, and fuel.

Lilac Diesel #22’s Most Prominent Terpenes

Herbal, fruity, and floral, complexly sweet terpinolene creates calming, euphoric, and uplifting effects that’ll have you flying high.

Offering a little spicy kick of flavor to keep things interesting, energetic and clarifying caryophyllene brings notes of bird’s eye chilis and spice.

Calming, grounding, and centering, balancing pinene brings Lilac Diesel #22’s high-flying energetic experience pleasantly back down to earth.

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Budtender Reviews

Staring down a mountain of laundry? Too many to-dos on that to-do list? Then you are a prime candidate for the magic of Lilac Diesel #22. Energetic and euphoric, this powerhouse strain makes even the most ordinary activity seem positively thrilling.

The perfect afternoon delight, we love harnessing the calm bodily effects paired with mental euphoria to bring magic to the mundane. Pairs well with socializing, adventures, and exploring—even if it’s just the grocery store.

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