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Famous for its sugary wildberry pie aroma and sweet and creamy taste, Strawberries & Cream is a euphoria-inducing treat for all the senses. Take a trip to candyland with this perfectly balanced hybrid, designed to leave you blissed out and giggling.

Summoning a joyful euphoria that settles into a centered, calming, but never sedating comedown, Strawberries & Cream delivers a uniquely pleasurable and blissed out high. The perfect pairing for sunny days and giggly nights, it’ll transform stress and strain into pure sweetness and light.

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Strain Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

With 60% sativa and 40% indica genetics, Strawberries & Cream is a uniquely well-balanced, sativa-dominant hybrid that balances euphoric energy with a deep sense of calm and full-body relaxation.

Fly high on the blissful uplift as this strain swoops you up to the stars. Then let those indica genetics take over and ground your body with pleasant, soothing ease.


Bringing together Strawberry Jelly and Cookies & Cream, Strawberries & Cream is like something Willy Wonka might have dreamed up in his candy factory.

Strawberry Jelly lends Strawberries & Cream its uplifting, energizing, and anxiety banishing effects. Cookies and Cream chimes in with a super-sweet taste and legendary staying power, creating a high that lingers through the longest afternoon.

How does Strawberries & Cream make you feel?

It might take a few moments for the Strawberries & Cream high to settle in, so take your tokes slowly and linger as you savor the flavor of sweet berries and lush whipped cream. You’ll slowly notice the gentle approach of mental sensations, taking over your mind before spreading throughout your whole body.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as your mind is launched into the stratosphere, vibrating with cerebral energy and overwhelming happiness that may leave you feeling giggly and sublime. Anxiety and negativity will vanish, leaving you looking at the world through strawberry colored glasses.

As the high settles in and your mind reaches its creative and euphoric peak, your body will ease into deep but engaged relaxation. Enjoy the calm, centered sensation as your thoughts roam the stratosphere.

THC Potency

With an average THC potency that hovers around 20%, Strawberries & Cream packs a surprising punch.

Ride high on those waves of euphoria and bliss, as minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBD soothe anxiety, stress, and strain, and wash your aches and pains away.

Strain Aromas

Strawberries & Cream is famous for its irresistible aroma—take a whiff and you’ll see why. The scent is fruity, sweet, and intriguingly spicy, with just a hint of fresh earth and aromatics like cinnamon, allspice, and cloves.

Strain Flavor

As you might have guessed from the name, Strawberries & Cream is the ultimate tasty treat. On the inhale, you’ll take in notes of fresh summer strawberries ripening in the sun. Exhale, and that creamy note kicks in, paired with an intriguing spiciness.

Strawberries & Cream's Most Prominent Terpenes


Bringing that euphoric uplift and energetic power, euphoria-boosting caryophyllene is responsible for Strawberries & Cream’s giggle-inducing impact, and that note of spice.


Sweet, herbal, and delicious, joyful myrcene makes Strawberries & Cream one of the happiest strains around, contributing a delightfully fruity, surgery flavor.


Zesty, creative, and bright, citrus-spiked limonene summons an energetic and uplifting cerebral energy that’ll leave you blissed out and buzzing.

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Perfect for creativity, socializing, or just getting a little goofy, White 99 shares Strawberries & Cream’s energetic impact, paired with fruity tropical flavors.

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Budtender Reviews

Lightshade Budtenders reach for Strawberries & Cream the same way you might grab a bouquet of favorite flowers—the perfect offering for any social event, or to create a lovely little indulgent moment of self-care. Pretty, aromatic, and delicious, this strain has universal appeal.

We reach for Strawberries & Cream when we want to dream big and get creative, or are simply looking to make a simple afternoon at home flying solo a positively magical experience. Euphoric and energetic, it’s our go-to strain for lifting the mood and elevating the day.

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