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A rarely seen and highly sought after indica-dominant hybrid, LA Baker is a gorgeous, pungent, and potent strain that has been building some serious buzz. With hints of nutty marshmallow and crisp mint, its delicious flavor will have you coming back for more.

Straight out of the City of Angels, LA Baker is known for its creative yet leisurely high. Take a toke and get crafty, or simply sit back and let the good vibes flow through your body as your daydreams reach new heights.

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Strain Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

As an indica-dominant strain, you might expect LA Baker to send you straight to dreamland, but the high it provides is more complex than that. Sativa genetics lend uplift to this relaxing smoking experience.

You can expect a gentle, relaxing body high that pairs perfectly with a surprisingly vibrant mental uplift. Creative energy will course through your body, making this an excellent strain to combine with relaxing adventures and playful pursuits.


LA Baker is an indulgent cross of LA Kush Cake and Jungle Cake.

LA Kush Cake brings those earthy peppermint notes, and smooth, easy smoking appeal. Jungle Cake creates this strain’s signature blend of relaxing physical and enlivening mental energy. Together, they team up to create a deliciously impactful strain that satisfies every time.

How does LA Baker make you feel?

When you first toke up, you’ll be surprised by this strain’s energetic impact. You might want to put on some music and feel the good vibes as your mind wanders and a gentle euphoric energy begins to flow through your body.

Stick around and you’ll really start experiencing those indica effects. Your thoughts will slow to caramel stickiness. Then you’ll feel a warm wave of soothing relaxation. Get horizontal to experience the beautiful body buzz and drift into a dreamy state of relaxation.

LA Baker takes time to hit you with its full impact, so if it’s your first time indulging in this strain, take it slow and enjoy the ride. The payoff of physical relaxation and soaring mental euphoria is well worth the wait.

THC Potency

LA Baker clocks in on the higher end with 21% THC, making this strain the perfect choice for seasoned cannabis consumers.

With blended indica and sativa genetics, the LA Baker high is transporting but never overwhelming, offering a unique blend of mental and physical effects.

Strain Aromas

Those trichomes don’t lie—LA Baker has a complex and delicious blend of terpenes that make this an especially aromatic strain. Breathe deep and enjoy the sweet bakery smell, undercut with just enough sour diesel liveliness to keep things interesting.

Strain Flavor

Like any good cake strain, LA Baker is all about that marshmallowy, vanilla sweetness. The inhale is as smooth and creamy as a scoop of gelato. Exhale, and you’ll notice a minty, herby gassiness that will keep you coming back for more.

LA Baker’s Most Prominent Terpenes

Tasty, herbal, and sweet, linalool is the terpene equivalent of a hot mug of sleepytime tea. Thank this terpene as you drift off to dreamland.

Spicy, black pepper caryophyllene brings focused energy to this laid-back strain, with creativity-boosting and imagination-enhancing power.

Lightshade Ganjier Zach Recommends Strains like LA Baker

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A potent powerhouse, Gelato Cake has the same creamy sweetness as LA Baker, paired with a sour exhale. If you like LA Baker’s bakery flavors, this strain will be a hit.

Who doesn’t like Ice Cream Cake? Like LA Baker, this sweet and tasty strain is a real crowd pleaser, with nostalgic vanilla marshmallow notes.

Budtender Reviews

Our budtenders were seriously psyched to add this sought-after strain to the Lightshade family. It’s the perfect strain to break out when you want to impress fellow cannabis aficionados or simply enjoy a consumption experience that truly delivers.

LA Baker really takes you on the perfect cannabis journey, making it an excellent strain for special indulgence. Dance out the creative energy of the onset, then settle into that wonderful full-body buzz as your worries and cares wash away and daydreams flood your mind.

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