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Dispensary Design Trends for 2021

Lightshade believes in doing good while looking good! Learn how our eye catching lobby design helps welcome in new cannabis users with a colorful system of wall mounted graphics. Check it out.

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420 with CNW — How the Cannabis Industry Can Be More Sustainable

We're proud to be leaders in green cannabis production. Read more about how Lightshade pioneered the use of recirculation systems to save 1.2 million gallons of water each year. Check it out.

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4 Ways Cannabis Is Becoming A Greener Industry

Part of Lightshade's core mission is working to make the cannabis industry greener. Our Directors of Cultivation Operations sat down with The Fresh Toast to share how we embrace sustainability, and the concrete steps we're taking to reduce our energy management. Check it out.

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What national marijuana legalization would mean for Colorado

Lightshade is growing to meet demand in new states, as support for cannabis legalization spreads across the US. We're committed to advocating for legalization, and reducing the stigma cannabis users still face. Check it out.

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4/20 Deals at Lightshade

10 ways to celebrate 4/20 in Colorado, including free food, virtual events and more

Lightshade's NFL legend Reuben Droughns celebrated 420 by supporting local restaurants. Dressed up like Willy Wonka, Droughns distributed golden ticket gift cards for the munchiest 420 needs of lucky dispensary customers accross Denver. Check it out.

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CDOT - Drive High, Get a DUI

CDOT partnering with Marijuana Industry Group to present simple message: “I’ll be blunt, don’t drive high”

Safe cannabis consumption is at the core of Lightshade's values. We partnered with the Colorado Department of Transportation to create budtender masks that would bluntly get the message accross--don't drive high. Check it out.

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Running on CBD

Many high performance athletes are turning to CBD to reduce inflamation and promote recovery. Pat Karns, Lightshade's in house athletic trainer and cannabinoid expert, discusses the potential of these new findings, and digs into CBD's potential to replace medications with harmful side effects, Check it out.

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Cannabis companies use experimentation, contract labor and technology to plant efficiently

Efficiently planning grow times is a major challenge of the cannabis industry. Lightshade's director of cultivation discusses how we manage workflow in our greenhouses for maximum effiency and quality product. Check it out.

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Reuben Droughns' Next Play Is Educating Cannabis Consumers

With contriversy over the role opiods and other perscription medication play in professonal sports on the rise, Lightshade partner and NFL legend Reuben Droughns believes cannabis can help. Droughns discusses his passion for cannabis activism, and the stigma that still surrounds its use in the NFL and beyond. Check it out.

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Cannabis companies use product drops to build hype around new items

Our Marketing Director Lisa Gee discusses Lightshade's ground breaking use of text messaging to spread the word about exclusive product drops. Check it out.

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