Outside the Stereotype

Outside the Stereotype

Today’s cannabis user is not always what you’d expect. Lightshade has always valued the importance of education surrounding cannabis and the incredible products available for every type of consumer. We’re continuing to see an increased variety of consumers accepting and partaking in cannabis use, especially with the array of products available like flower, topicals, tinctures, edibles, concentrates and more.

Women and parents are becoming more familiar with these products, allowing them to have safe and subtle consumption for relief of anxiety, pain and other ailments without taking away their ability to parent and interact with their children. This recent article from Refinery29.com brings up some great examples and talks to two women about their experiences with cannabis.

Lightshade carries some amazing products that allow for these medical benefits without the high, replacing some consumers’ past use of alcohol or opiates. Our partners at Monte Content have testimonials from several success story patients like Bridgett, who can finally lead a comfortable lifestyle and play with her grandkids. Below are a few specific products we recommend trying, plus check out our up-to-date menus per location or try online pre-ordering!

Whitewater Teas
Coda Signature Truffles
Stillwater Ripple Dissolvable THC
Julie’s Natural Edibles
Binske Olive Oil and Honey

The Lightshade staff is trained and ready to answer questions or make suggestions based on what you may be looking for. It never hurts to ask a friend about their experiences too, you’d be surprised at how many people are adding cannabis into their wellness routines.

DeLaney Community Farm

Lightshade Volunteers at DeLaney Community Farm

As a part of Lightshade’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, we aim to remain active in our community. Members of the Lightshade CSR Team, with representatives from each retail location, recently volunteered at DeLaney Community Farm to help weed and get the fields ready for planting.

DeLaney Community Farm, operated by a partnership between Denver Urban Gardens and Project Worthmore, has a mission of supporting refugees residing in the local community through food-based programs. Lightshade’s volunteers worked alongside immigrants from Burma, Senegal and Afghanistan, as part of the farm’s program to connect refugees to the local fresh food economy and teach sustainable agricultural practices.

We love being a part of the Denver Metro community and having the opportunity to give back through positive programs. Lightshade is proud of their team’s willingness to get their hands dirty and make a difference. Stay posted on more from our CSR Team to come!

What’s Your Ambience?

Whether you’re looking to jump-start the morning or wind down for the day, Lightshade has the perfect strain to fit your ambience. We realize the world of cannabis can be quite confusing, even for seasoned veterans, so we are launching a new categorization system in an effort to help our customers identify the physical and mental effects of our strains.

Lightshade celebrates the importance of night and day in the natural cycle of the plant as it soaks up energy from the sun and soil. The below four categories of our ambience scale were created from the course of the day—from bright mornings to soothing evenings.

Awaken • soak in the crisp morning
Enliven • get energized from the warm sun
Calm • enjoy the relieving evening breeze
Rest • find relaxation in the night sky

Lightshade used decades of knowledge from our growers and staff, as well as the latest terpene and cannabinoid research to categorize our strains. In addition, we are continuing to build this system with our customers by gathering feedback to understand the effects of various strains. If you’re interested in participating, simply enjoy our Lightshade strains and send over your thoughts: lightshade.com/strain-categories

Watch for more valuable information about Lightshade strains on our website and in stores over the next few months. And don’t forget that our trained budtenders are always willing to help guide your selections based on your needs desired effects. Outside of the over 30 strains available, we have concentrates, tinctures, edibles and topicals for you to explore and use to find the perfect fit for you and your day. Stop in and see why the difference is night and day.

Lightshade 6th Ave Location Now Open

Lightshade is excited to announce that our newest Colorado recreational marijuana dispensary location is now open! The Lightshade 6th Ave location is one of the best marijuana dispensaries in Denver, serving recreational customers ages 21+. Established in 2011, Lightshade continues to expand, with 6th Ave marking the fifth Lightshade dispensary in the Denver metro area.

Our newest location continues to uphold Lightshade’s reputation for growing the best quality genetics in Colorado. Our 6th Ave location—along with our other four Denver and Aurora marijuana dispensaries—offers a huge selection of marijuana products, including flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, merchandise and apparel.

Lightshade 6th Ave is conveniently located at 745 E. 6th Ave., just west of Clarkson Street on 6th Avenue in central Denver, 24 miles from Denver International Airport (DIA), 2 miles from downtown Denver, 21 miles from Aurora and 1.5 – 2 hours from the major Colorado ski resorts, including Vail, Beaver Creek, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge and Winter Park. If you are looking for a high-end marijuana dispensary in Denver, visit us at the Lightshade 6th Ave location today to see why the difference is night and day!