Today is national count day where the country takes and official count of people experiencing homelessness. Lightshade had 75 pizzas delivered to feed 250 people experiencing homelessness in Aurora. Lightshade was recently introduced to an organization called Aurora Warms the Night. “Aurora Warms the Night (AWTN) shelters those experiencing homelessness in the winter when temperatures reach 20 degrees or colder.  Year round services include meals, warm clothing, hygiene items, transportation to shelter, laundry vouchers, bus passes, partner agency referrals, and advocacy.” They are doing amazing work in Aurora. Lightshade was notified about count day today and was informed that they see a higher volume than normal of people who come to their daytime drop-in center. This places a significant strain on their resources and it is difficult for them to serve everyone. We were honored to be able to jump in where they needed us most to provide some meals.