Since recreational cannabis became legal in Colorado four years ago, the quality of products and the available options for consumption have improved considerably. Strains are stronger and availability is greater than anything cannabis users of the past ever encountered. Today’s cannabis is far more potent than what your parents smoked ‘back in the day’, and smoking today has been largely eclipsed by edibles, dabs, and vaping, making cannabis concentrates, in a sense, more valuable than the flowers they’re originated from.

Cannabis concentrates have grown to become a mainstay of our industry which is why at Lightshade, we hand-select products sourced from the best concentrate extractors in Colorado. Our concentrates are second-to-none and we are on the cutting edge of artisanal blended concentrate consistencies, using short-path distillation to refine the potency and quality of cured material after processing. Before processing, we take the necessary time to allow for maximum trichome development on our flower.

Because of our full-spectrum extraction process, we are able to preserve the natural terpenes and medicinal properties of each strain. Our customers also benefit by experiencing the full flavor and scent profile that is a result of our extraction process. We offer a wide range of concentrates including wax, shatter, live resin, and live rosin, and we carry dozens of unique terpene blends allowing for endless variations for the concentrate connoisseur. You, too, can experience the difference by shopping at one of our eight retail dispensaries in Denver, Aurora and Federal Heights.

We are passionate about everything cannabis—including concentrates—so we asked each of our retail dispensary store managers to pick their favorite products. Read below to see what they had to say.

Cannabis Concentrate Shatter
Cannabis Wax - Lightshade Dispensary Denver
CSC Shatter Lightshade Dispensary

Cannabis Concentrate Top Picks at Lightshade

Lightshade Dispensary - Rockin Extracts Live Sugar


Lightshade Sheridan (Denver Dispensary)

Rockin’ Extracts Live Sugar Wax

“Rockin’ Extracts Live Sugar Wax is the bomb. I’m a big fan of their awesome sugar and terps combos.”

West Edison Cannabis Shatter - Lightshade Dispensary


Lightshade Federal Heights (Federal Heights Dispensary)

West Edison Shatter

“I especially enjoy the house concentrates that we offer, by West Edison. Their Shatters, Waxes, and Budders are made with our house-grown flowers and are always high quality. As if that wasn’t enough the price point is the lowest in the building. That’s what I call a great decision.”

Olio Live Sauce - Lightshade Dispensary Denver


Lightshade Dayton (Denver Dispensary)

Olio Live Sauce

“My favorite concentrate is Olio Sauce! It has a wonderful flavor and aroma and makes for an incredible smoking experience overall. This is an excellent option for dabbing connoisseurs—bonus: Olio Sauce includes an awesome dab tool with every gram!”

Concentrate Supply Company - Distillate Syringe - Lightshade Dispensary Denver


Lightshade Holly (Denver Dispensary)

Concentrate Supply Company Distillate Syringe

“I’d have to say CSC Distillate Syringes are among my favorite concentrates. With a wide variety of flavors and countless methods of consumption, they can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone, and can be used to refill cartridges, added to flower for enhanced potency or flavor, or you can dab them straight from your rig.”

Binkse Live Resin - Lightshade Dispensary Aurora


Lightshade (Aurora Dispensary)

Binske Live Resin

“Binske Live Resin is amazing quality and tastes incredible. The beautifully designed packaging is a plus!”

Cannabis Maximus Full Spectrum Extract - Lightshade Dispensary Denver


Lightshade 6th Ave (Denver Dispensary)

Cannabis Maximus Full Spectrum Extract

“My favorite concentrate that we carry at Lightshade is Cannabis Maximus Full Spectrum Extract. Regardless of strain, the flavor is incredible and the high is amazing! Full spectrum extract is great mostly because the THC isn’t isolated—instead of simply getting high, you get all of the added benefits from CBNs, CBDs, and CBGs!”

Caviar Grams - Lightshade Dispensary Aurora


Lightshade Iliff (Aurora Dispensary)

Dragon Originals Caviar Grams

“I like my Dragon Originals Caviar Grams. Not only do they test the highest, if you want to mix it with regular flower or any other form of cannabis, you can.”

Lightshade Cannabis Wax - Denver Dispensary


Lightshade Peoria (Denver Dispensary)

Lightshade Concentrates

“Lightshade branded concentrates are one of my favorites! I love the option of having all of my favorite Lightshade grown strains readily available in concentrated form. The quality for the price is unbeatable, which explains why they are flying off of our shelves! A must try.”

The evolution of concentrates has changed how we consume cannabis and new methods of concentration and extraction are developed each year. At Lightshade, we are excited to be at the forefront of offering these new products to our customers as they become available.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the products listed above or other concentrates available at each Lightshade Colorado Dispensary, drop by or pre-order online.