At Lightshade it’s our honor to serve those that serve our country. The men and women of the United States Armed Forces sacrifice so much for us and all too often are forgotten about upon their return home. While Lightshade is proud to offer special prices for our veterans on a daily basis and continues to support the campaign for medical marijuana’s use in the treatment of mental illness and physical pain, we know there is always more that can be done.

That’s why we’ve recently partnered with Goldleaf to create this line of beautiful custom illustrated flower prints. Lightshade commissioned the artist to create these illustrations from cannabis flower grown in our cultivations facilities. These prints were made with military families in mind with 100% of the profits going to Project Sanctuary. This non-profit group works to assess the needs of military personnel and veterans who are returning to civilian life, reconnect them with their family and communities, and helps them thrive moving forward through continued ongoing support. Having worked with over 1,000 military families since 2007, Project Sanctuary has a proven track record of bridging the gap between battle ready and family ready. It’s our privileged to support Project Sanctuary’s amazing work in this small way. Visit Goldleaf to purchase these prints today and help military families and veterans in our community.

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