Ignite your passion this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is next week. Are you ready?

Many of our readers will answer this question with a sigh and roll of the eyes, others, with a seductive smile and nod. We understand both reactions.

The Feast of Saint Valentine, as it’s also known, is rough. For those flying solo, the day is forlorn—a stinging reminder that something is missing*. That being said, if you’re married or in a relationship, there’s plenty of opportunities for disappointment (did you remember to buy a card?).

*Note: we should clarify. There is nothing wrong with choosing to fly solo—we are fans of solitude—you do you.

We aren’t part of the doom and gloom set and view Valentine’s Day as a beautiful celebration of love, no matter where you fall on the relationship spectrum. Is our fondness for the Feast of Saint Valentine influenced by cannabis? Perhaps it is (#duh).

Since legalization, cannabis industry innovators have created a legion of products ideally suited for star-crossed lovers, spouses—together for decades, or newlyweds—the happily single, and the not so happily single. Here are five of them.

Five premium cannabis products from Lightshade

Coda Symphony Bath Bombs Lightshade Dispensary

1. Coda Bath Bombs

Everyone loves a relaxing bath. Light a few candles, turn on the romantic tunes, and treat your Valentine (or yourself) to a relaxing cannabis-infused bath with the Symphony Bath Bomb collection from Coda Signature.

From Coda:

The body essential Bath Bomb Symphony Collection orchestrates the rich effects of cannabis with our unique oil blends to provide a total body healing experience. Simply drop a single bath bomb into a warm bath, submerge yourself, breathe deeply, and let this effervescent experience relax your muscles and nourish your skin.

Binske Edibles Lightshade Dispensary

2. Binske: 100mg Raspberry Chocolate Bar

Valentine’s Day and chocolate go hand-in-hand, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better, sexier, cannabis-infused chocolate, than a bar from Binske. Borrowing from the ancient Mayan tradition of chocolate manufacturing, Binske’s 100mg Raspberry Chocolate bar joins the gold of Moctezuma with the Feast of Saint Valentine.

From Binske:

As legend has it, when Cortez conquered the Aztecs and asked emperor Moctezuma for their most prized commodity, he was shown vaults of cacao instead of gold. The real gold of the Mayans, Oro Maya Chocolate, comes from the lush tropics of Mesoamerica, where it first evolved in the Amazon River Basin between three and six million years ago. The Mayan civilization is credited with being first to document the manufacturing of chocolate and popularized it in their culture, as they considered it sacred, and chocolate was believed to contain the ‘spirit of the gods’. The cacao is grown, harvested and produced in the same Honduran jungle sacred to the Mayans.

The Honduran 65% Cacao with crispy bits of tart raspberries bursting with flavor. Suggested musical pairing: Je Ne T’aime Plus by Manu Chao.

Foria Lightshade Dispensary

3. Foria: Pleasure Lube 5ml

Break out the cannabis-infused lube when you and your Valentine are ready to kick things up a notch—or, when you’re ready for a solo celebration. Need we say more? Nope.

From Foria:

FORIA Pleasure is a first of its kind all natural sensual enhancement oil thoughtfully designed for women and their partners –  a blend of nourishing liquid coconut oil and lab-tested cannabis oil.

  •   Sourced from sun-grown cannabis cultivated to organic standards
  •   Delivered in 100% organic-certified coconut MCT oil
  •   30-50 servings per bottle
  •  Independently tested for purity: free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, and other toxins    

4. Love’s Oven: Red Velvet Cookies 100mg

If THC laden chocolate bars and cannabis-infused lube isn’t your thing, perhaps the 100mg Red Velvet Cookies from Love’s Oven will spark your interest. Who doesn’t love a sensual cannabis-infused cookie on Valentine’s Day?

From Love’s Oven:

Dive into the deep mysterious taste of luxury that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

White Flour, Colorado Beet Sugar, Cannabutter, Egg, White Chocolate Chips, Cocoa Powder, Liquid Red Food Color, Pure Vanilla Extract, Pure Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Agar

Wheat, Dairy, Egg

Package Size:
Ten individually packaged, 10 mg active THC cookies

Mary Jane's Medicinals Lightshade Dispensary

5. Mary Jane’s Medicinals: Aloe Lotion 2oz

Everyone appreciates silky, smooth skin, especially on Valentine’s Day. Treat your special someone to a relaxing rub-down with a cannabis-infused lotion from the topical experts at Mary Jane’s Medicinals.

From Mary Jane’s Medicinals:

Our silky body lotion is a great product for skin issues that can affect larger areas of the body because it easily spreads over the skin and is quickly absorbed. Between the regenerative powers of cannabis and aloe vera’s well-known ability to treat burns, this lotion is quite effective at soothing and helping to restore sunburned, sun damaged, or aging skin. And it can aid comfort for other painful skin problems too. Apply this rich cream all over your body before bed for a restful night’s sleep.

Valentine’s Day has been delighting lovers and irritating single-folk since the Middle Ages. Fortunately, for those lucky enough to live in Colorado (or any state where recreational cannabis is legal), marijuana is here to help you elevate the years most contentious ‘holiday.’

Whether you’re going it alone this year, or spending the day with your closest companion, make this Valentine’s Day an elevated experience to remember. Place a pre-order online.

Be sure to keep an eye on our sales & specials page next week for our Valentine’s Day promos.