We’re with you – because we are you – and we want to know that you’re okay. 

History is marked by events that change how we live. Some are gradual and creep slowly toward a tipping point, and others draw a direct line in the sand. 

If you’re old enough to recall the world before – and after – 9/11, you understand the shocking immediacy of change Americans experienced. And almost everyone can tell you where they were the moment our Twin Towers fell. 

Similarly, coronavirus is changing experiences for generations of people globally. The virus is eliminating jobs, transforming our economy, and tearing families apart. 

Colorado cannabis dispensaries are essential, and our budtenders are proudly serving the community. They are taking risks alongside our nation’s hospital workers, grocery staff, food service employees, delivery personnel, and all other essential workers. And they’re doing it because they recognize that we are all connected. 

The phrase “we’re in this together” is so pervasive that it’s in danger of losing meaning. But it’s the truth, and Lightshade wants you to understand that we are you.

We are you when we shop for groceries.

We are you when we read the headlines.

We are you when we grieve for our sick and dying community members. 

We are you when we wait for hours online or on the phone for critical assistance. 

We are you when we howl in support of healthcare workers at 8 pm each night. 

We are you when we try to wrap our heads around this strange, new reality. 

And we are you when we reach for cannabis to lessen the anxiety of constant uncertainty, or for essential medicine.

We need each other now more than ever; this is the time for empathy, love, and compassion. And while we don’t know what the next six months look like, we’ll be here to support you with brave budtenders and weed. 

But please, wash your hands, use sanitizer, wear a mask, and be kind to our budtenders when you’re in our stores. We’re all doing the best we can. 

*Speaking of face masks: Because of State regulations, we ask that you kindly remove your mask at check-in and in our budbays. 

It’s natural to search for a silver lining amid the darkness. We won’t come out of this the same as we entered, but there’s light on the other side and a cleaner, more equitable, and deeply connected world. 

So, we ask – how are you? Are you okay?