Research shows that cannabis helps consumers maintain a slim waistline. Are you surprised?

New Years’ resolution season is in full swing. The time when people across Colorado try their hardest to meet mostly unrealistic fitness and lifestyle goals, and torture themselves by eliminating all things fun (just a joke – we’re all for healthy resolutions). 

And often that includes cannabis.

We don’t blame anyone for trying to start the year strong, and we’ve also got a list of resolutions. But, weed is one thing we aren’t eliminating, and that’s not just because Lightshade is in the cannabis business. 

Why? Because cannabis might help consumers maintain a healthy weight. Before you scoff at this sentence and shut your laptop in frustration, hear us out. 

Cannabis is your secret weight-loss weapon in the New Year.

While science supports the Doritos-ravaging stoner stereotype, research also shows that cannabis consumption might help consumers maintain a healthy weight. Scientists now link tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, with weight loss. 

Tom Clark, chair of Indiana University South Bend’s biological sciences department, and his team of researchers analyzed 17 studies and almost 156,000 participants. They found that cannabis consumers, on average, have a lower body mass index (BMI) than participants who abstain (7% lower BMI on average). Clark’s team also found that cannabis consumers are up to 35 percent less likely to suffer from obesity. 

Research shows that THC boosts metabolism over time, so even if you get a spontaneous bout of the munchies, your metabolism bump compensates for it. Also, many contemporary cannabis strains don’t have pantry-clearing effects, meaning you can consume without first hiding the Ben & Jerry’s. 

And the metabolism-boosting effects of our favorite plant aren’t limited to regular cannabis consumers; fresh consumers benefit from a nearly four-week metabolic bump after their first session. Consuming cannabis just a few times a month can help to slim down your waistline. 

Let’s put this theory to the test.

Researchers from the University of Calgary tested the cannabis weight-loss theory by giving fat mice – and skinny mice – a daily THC dose, and compared the results. They found that while THC had little impact on the size of mice who started the study at a healthy weight, the compound helped portly mice slim down. The researchers hypothesize that THC changes the gut microbiome and helps regulate digestion and weight-loss. 

Scientists are quick to point out, however, that we are in the early phases of understanding how cannabis influences weight. The effect of cannabis on weight-loss is complicated- tread lightly when/if the munchies arrive: if you consistently eat pints of ice cream, you will gain weight. 

CBD won’t do the trick – at least not in the ways you think.

Before you run to the nearest CBD-heavy product, know this: THC is a must. Scientists believe that Americans are inflamed and perpetually hungry because our diets are saturated in omega-6 fatty acids (from foods like vegetable oil and butter). Omega-6 fatty acids overstimulate the body’s CB1R receptor, increasing hunger and making food taste good (no complaints there), while also decreasing metabolic rates and promoting fat storage (boo). THC communicates with the CB1R receptor and restores homeostasis, minimizing hunger and weight gain. CBD can’t compete with THC in this instance (sorry, CBD, we still love you). 

We should note, however, that CBD is an appetite suppressant, which makes the newly famous cannabinoid an excellent tool for consumers battling compulsive eating habits.




  1. the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.

Cannabis alone won’t help you lose weight.

Other positive habits are crucial to maintaining a healthy weight; don’t assume you can smoke-off extra baggage. If you have poor eating habits and don’t regularly exercise, cannabis won’t help you slim down. 

Coloradoans must pay attention to the quality of their food sources. Processed food, fast food, and foods with hidden sugar and fat are the enemy, and when you combine these unhealthy foods with a fast-paced, stressful, and anxious lifestyle, you’ve got the recipe for weight gain. 

Fortunately, cannabis is helpful for the relief of general pain and anxiety. And controlling stress and anxiety with cannabis is a healthy way to minimize the metabolic impact of daily life. When you combine the stress relieving properties of our favorite plant with the metabolism-boosting benefits of THC, you’ve got the recipe for healthy weight management. 

Drop weight in 2020 with cannabis.

Cannabis isn’t a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise, but, as research shows, it helps maintain a healthy weight and minimizes the impact of daily stressors. Be your best in 2020! 

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