“My name is Cayla and I’m a Yogi. CBD allows me to maintain my yoga practice along with my running and anything else that I like to do. And it’s just a way for me to feel like I’m giving back to my body and a safe and holistic way.”

“I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, playing volleyball through most of my childhood and was fortunate enough to go to Chapel Hill to play Division I volleyball. And I didn’t play around with yoga much until I moved to Denver about six years ago. That’s when I took my first Vinyasa class and completely fell in love with the therapeutic effects that it had on my body. Yoga meant so much to me that I really wanted to take my training and my own understanding of yoga to a deeper level. And I really wanted to find a way to share that with other people, particularly my parents, as they get older, how can I help them move their bodies in safe and effective ways to optimize their longterm health.”

“I couldn’t really afford teacher training, and so I would clean yoga studios on Friday nights for about six to eight months. It allowed me to join the teacher training program in October of 2015 and complete my 200 hour teacher training certification in February of 2016. I think yoga is whatever you want it to be. For me, it was a way to ground who I am, replenish all of the joints and muscles that I strained during those years of volleyball, and to really start to internalize what it means to love myself, and to eventually share that love with other people. Yoga brought me a sense of identity and a sense of comfort and healing and I really feel like it has shaped me and the person that I am today.”

“I was really on the fence about CBD. Lightshade really made me feel comfortable and at home. Their bud tenders are super knowledgeable and really allowed me to focus on what I was looking for and I’m really grateful for that experience and that’s why I keep going back to Lightshade.”

“One of the products that I really love from Mary’s Medicinals is their salve. For me, I feel instant relief when I put it right on the areas that hurt, particularly my knees and my elbows, and it has this really cooling sensation that makes me feel like it’s effectively doing its job. When I’m looking for something a little bit more intense and longterm as far as making me feel better and my joints feel better, I like Mary’s Medicinals CBD patches. I just stick them right on my shoulder blade or right on my hip joint, and I just leave it there and forget about it. And a few hours later, I can really feel the benefits of the CBD patch working through my joints and releasing all of the stress and build up.”

“One of the best gifts that you can give yourself in the New Year is time. Time for yourself, time for your breath, time for your body, and really the connectedness of all of those things combined. So I would encourage you to check out a new studio, a new community, and take a class or two and see how it feels for you. And if you’re interested in checking out CBD like I was, I recommend going to Lightshade. They can definitely help you find what you’re looking for.”

“My name is Cayla and I’m a yogi.”

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