7/10 might be in our rearview, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating.

With 710 behind us, we bet you’ve heard a lot more about cannabis concentrates lately. Still, these potent doses of THC are less familiar to many cannabis consumers than more traditional forms like flower or edibles.

So what is a concentrate? How does it differ from more familiar forms of cannabis? Let’s take a closer look at the beautiful and ever-expanding world of cannabis concentrates.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

The fundamental nature of cannabis concentrates is made pretty clear by the name: cannabis concentrates are concentrated, and thus more potent, forms of our favorite plant.

When making a cannabis concentrate of any type, processors begin with plant matter, like the flower you might have smoked or vaped in the past. They then use a process called extraction to remove all the inessential biological matter, leaving only the active components of the cannabis plant behind.

What’s left? Cannabinoids and terpenes; the chemicals that give the cannabis plant its flavor and power. Concentrates often have high levels of THC, the psychoactive component that produces the sensation of a high. However, there are blended CBD/THC concentrates and even CBD-only variants available on the market.


How Are Cannabis Concentrates Made?

The history of cannabis concentration began in the 12th century when smoking hashish became popular throughout the Middle East. Back in the olden days, cannabis concentrate was produced by hand by rubbing flower between your fingers. Processors would scrape the trichomes they collected into a dense block, creating an old school, but still highly potent, cannabis concentrate. 

While there are still some parts of the world where this processing method remains common, today, concentrates are typically produced with chemical rather than physical distillation processes. 

The most common chemical methods include hydrocarbon and CO2 extraction, each of which creates a specific array of cannabis concentrates. But whatever chemical method they use, cannabis concentrate producers use these solvents to separate the plant’s active components from the excess greenery, leaving the roughage behind.

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What Does Using Cannabis Concentrates Feel Like?

Because of their concentrated nature, cannabis concentrates provide a more intense sensation than traditional flower. 

The potency of raw flower is generally between 10 to 25% THC content. On the other hand, a concentrate generally has a THC potency of between 50 to 80%, with some getting as high as 90%! 

The TLDR is that concentrates provide an amped-up version of the traditional cannabis high. As a result, concentrate fans appreciate their potency and power–and their ability to take a familiar cannabis experience to a whole new level.

Lightshade Cannabis Shatter Concentrates

What Are The Different Types of Concentrates?


One of the purest forms of cannabis concentrate, shatter, gets its name from its tendency to shatter into shards when broken apart. Shatters are made using butane extraction and undergo a second round of filtration for a pure, heavy-hitting high. Our latest favorite shatter is Chronic Creations’ Sundae Driver, a terpene-rich, flavorful extraction with a smooth, glass-like finish.


Made without solvents, 710 Lab’s Bruce Banner #5 is produced with a potent combination of heat and pressure to create an oily golden sap of pure THC power. Bruce Banner, and other rosins, contain an extra high concentration of terpenes, making this a more flavorful choice for the concentrate connoisseur.


Sesh’s Cake Breath Rozay is a perfect example of wax – a smooth, crumbly substance with the texture of creamed honey. Waxes come in various consistencies, from honeycomb brittle to goey moisture-rich budders—smoke with a vape or rig for a next-level experience.


If you want to keep things old school, there’s no better throwback than The Greenery’s line of Lebanese Hash. Crafted from dry-aged Kief, this hash is produced by compressing crumbled resins into a brick using a top-secret process that creates a seriously potent blend of terpenes and THC.

Lightshade Cannabis Wax Concentrates

How Can I Start Consuming Cannabis Concentrates?

There are several ways to consume cannabis concentrates. The most old-school solution to cannabis concentrate consumption is dabbing, although, with specialized tools required, it can take a few times for newbies to get the hang of the technique. 

For an easy boost of potency power, try topping your flower with a bit of additional concentrate. This DIY method requires no other tools and is an easy way to try concentrates to see if they suit your cannabis needs. Simply add a little cannabis concentrate, in whatever your chosen form to your bowl, and enjoy the bonus terpenes and THC! 

When using any new cannabis product, we tend to adhere to the same standard advice: start low and go slow. This is especially true for our favorite cannabis concentrates, which are as powerful as they are delicious.

So what are you waiting for? Get concentrating!