Is 7/10 the new 4/20? Let’s find out. 

Even the most casual cannabis fans are familiar with 4/20. The iconic stoner celebration is so mainstream that even people who have never seen so much as a single leaf of cannabis are familiar with its meaning! 

But as legalization spreads across the US, cannabis fans are reluctant to limit their celebrations to a single day of the year. And thus, 710 Day (otherwise known as Dab Day, or Oil Day) was born, celebrating the potent side of cannabis–in the form of resins, oils, and wax.

What the heck is 710 Day?

So why 7/10? We don’t want to speculate about the mental state of this noble holiday’s inventor, whose identity has never been confirmed. 

What we can say, though, is that they must have been feeling loose enough to look at their calendar upside down. If you squint, 710 looks a little bit like the word OIL turned on its head!

Whoever this innovator was, they wanted to set a day to celebrate the world of cannabis beyond 420s celebration of flower power. OIL day is all about indulging in concentrates in its many delightful forms.

Dabbing Away

Concentrated oils are one of the most ancient ways of consuming cannabis, second only to the flower itself. The history of medicinal cannabis oils goes back to ancient Chinese herbalism, where it was used for its restorative powers. Basically, people have been using concentrates as long as they’ve been consuming cannabis, so in a sense, dabbing has been a common practice for a long, long time.

In the dark days before legalization, dabbing was considered one of the riskier ways of consuming cannabis. Since there were no safety regulations in place pre-legalization (after all, how can you regulate something that’s against the law?), creating cannabis oil was a highly combustible, often dangerous process. The fact that dabbing remained as popular as it was is a testament to the enthusiasm its fan base has for the dab experience.

Up close of Headband Haze Sugar Concentrate

These days, consumers coming to the world of dabbing and concentrates will find a higher quality, safer, and more potent product. Legalization has brought a new atmosphere of regulatory oversight, eliminating the use of flammable or hazardous solvents in the creation of concentrated cannabis oils and leading to a rise in rigorously tested high-quality cannabis concentrates. It’s the perfect time to celebrate your first 710 in safety and style!

Our Favorite Ways to Celebrate on 7/10

It’s official–concentrates are a safe, powerful, and generally delightful way to enjoy 7/10. So what’s the best way to indulge in this exploration of the power of cannabis? Here are a few of our favorites:

This high potency oil packs a serious punch–with delightful flavors available in various targeted strains. We love these cartridges for their ease of use, which makes them perfect for beginners. Simply attach to your go-to vape pen and puff away. But go easy, especially the first time! Select doesn’t mess around. 

These infused joints are the dream product for those who appreciate the classic flower experience but long for a little extra oil kick. Full bud flower is infused with live resin and wax to create a powerfully perfect smoking experience. It’s everything you’ve always wanted a joint to be!

Dedicated to increasing minority participation in the cannabis industry, Viola’s products are as powerful as their mission. Both the Badder and the Live Resin showcase their expertise in whole plant extraction to create BHO (Butane Hash Oil), making the purest concentrates that provide an elevated experience every time. 

Whether you’re a brand new dabber, or an old hand looking to discover a favorite new product, we hope you have an excellent, enjoyable 710 day. Happy dabbing!