Cannabis strains with elevated levels of THC equal more pronounced effects, from energy and creativity to relaxation and calmness. Here are some of the highest THC strains you can find today.

While high levels of THC could lead to more profound psychoactive effects, there’s more to it than that. THC, a cannabinoid, works together with other cannabinoids such as CBD, as well as terpenes to induce the desired effects of marijuana. These components all come together in a process known as the Entourage Effect.

The 1970s were a looooong time ago. 

We left a lot of things behind in that decade, including cannabis strains with paltry THC levels.

Back then, most strains barely cracked 1% THC—these days, it’s routine to see strains hovering around 30 times that amount. 

What happened? 

Well, for starters, cannabis legalization spread rapidly. And as legalization propagates, the experimentation that goes into creating new, more potent strains comes out of the shadows and into the mainstream. 

One such experimentation, known as strain selection, is most responsible for the increase in potency. 

In this cultivation practice, strains with high levels of cannabinoids are favored by growers. These strains are developed and then crossbred with other potent strains, resulting in a class of super-hybrid strains with staggering THC levels. 

As for the type of high you get from elevated THC strains, that depends on whether you’re dancing with indica, sativa, or hybrid buds. 

In this blog, we’ll unroll some of Lightshade’s highest THC strains. Then, we’ll take you behind the scenes to talk about the mechanics of “getting high”—touching on terpenes, cannabinoids, and the synergistic Entourage Effect.

The Highest THC Strains At Lightshade

Cultivation efforts made in the name of maximum THC have led to some truly mind-blowing and  body-comforting strains of cannabis. 

Sprouted from the minds of master weed-growers, modern buds are imbued with an abundance of aromas and flavors, with carefully encouraged collections of terpenes and trichomes. 

It’s a recipe resulting in a lush bouquet of exquisite effects.

Depending on the strain, high THC buds help you achieve everything from peak energy and euphoria to complete physical serenity and laser-sharp focus. 

Weed connoisseurs who count potency as a bud’s highest selling point should consider tapping into these strains at Lightshade.

Cannabis Flower in Glass Jars on Shelfs

Lightshade - Mother's Milk Strain

Mother’s Milk 


THC: 24 – 29% 

Derived from a cross between a male strain Appalachia and a Nepali OG female, Mother’s Milk nourishes with relaxation, elevated mood, and general physical discomfort relief. 

While plenty potent, Mother’s Milk delivers its benefits with a soft touch, achieving a delicate balance thanks to its hybrid status. 

This unique characteristic makes it a newbie’s dream bud. The top terpenes in Mother’s Milk, myrcene and limonene, waft forth aromas like mango and citrus slices.

Bubba Fett


THC: 26.20%

A new crossbreed of ’98 Bubba Kush and Stardawg, Bubba Fett gently entices consumers who are on the hunt for a bounty of calmness and deep contemplation. 

A dense bud structure is immediately visually striking, hiding a wealth of tasty trichomes inside. Long-lasting and relaxing, Bubba Fett eases tension and helps the consumer blast off into better sleep. 

Terpenes are expressed as clove stems in caryophyllene and citrus in limonene.

Lightshade Dispensary - Dalae OG Strain

Dalae OG 


THC: 20 – 26%

Another restful bud that’s often used as a night strain, Dalae OG, is an indica-dominant hybrid that layers the consumer with a warm blanket of cozy sedation. 

Tickling the senses with that trademark OG Kush flavor and aroma, this bud balances the scales for anyone in search of the absolute pinnacle of relaxation. 

Much like Mother’s Milk, Dalae OG’s comfort is colored by myrcene and limonene terpenes. 

Lightshade Dispensary - Light of Jah Strain

Light of Jah 


THC: 24 – 26%

Let Jah in with Light of Jah, a sativa-dominant hybrid that brightens the day by singing sweet songs of positive energy. 

A cross of Jack Herer and Disputed Northern California, Light of Jah packs a punch, with robust effects that dance through creativity and euphoria. 

This astounding strain also relieves physical discomfort. Its top terpenes include the citrusy limonene, as well as the lilac-tinged terpinolene.

Primus OG 


THC: 21-27%

Primus OG is a complex hybrid that brings together the best qualities of three-parent strains. 

303 OG gives it a sour yet fruity flavor, while Trainwreck arrives right on time with long-lasting euphoria, and Arcata pivots the high into a creative kick. 

It’s the ultimate perfect storm of lush aroma, dynamic flavor, and long-lasting effects. 

Highly sought after by consumers in recreational and medicinal circles, Primus OG relaxes the mind and body, managing day-to-day stress, physical discomfort, and bouts of gloom. 

Top terpenes include mango-scented myrcene and clove-esque caryophyllene.

Pineapple Express 


THC: 16.3 – 23.5%

Naysayers might think it sold out after going Hollywood, but Pineapple Express is still a favorite among dedicated sativa consumers. 

Initially bred by G13 Labs, Pineapple Express crosses the Trainwreck and Hawaii strains for a sativa-dominant bud that stimulates a cerebral head high for a creative, energetic spark. 

Purple and bright reddish-orange hairs offer a striking visual appearance, while the strain delivers on its name with frosted pineapple that’s mixed with slightly sweet and sour flavors. 

Top terpenes include caryophyllene with its clove stems and seeds, along with the hop-forward humulene. 

More Than THC: The Science of ‘Getting High’

Compounds like THC aren’t solo artists but rather work in concert with other components and processes of cannabis. 

THC is just one of possibly hundreds of compounds in cannabis known as cannabinoids. 

Also including CBD and CBG, cannabinoids as a whole inspire the broad spectrum of effects jostled loose when we smoke or ingest marijuana. 

But cannabinoids don’t only cooperate with other cannabinoids—they also work with terpenes to get you nicely toasted.

What Are Terpenes?

A collection of aromatic molecules found in the same glands that produce cannabinoids, terpenes are responsible for the singular aroma of each cannabis cultivar. 

Citrus, pine, skunk, and everything in between, the utterly sublime scents we associate with weed, are all thanks to terpenes. 

There are well over 200 terpene varieties found in a cannabis plant at various levels, and each strain claims its distinctive flavor from its unique terpene profile. 

As for the process of how cannabinoids and terpenes blend, it comes down to something known as the Entourage Effect.

What Is The Entourage Effect?

To find out how terpenes interact with cannabinoids like THC and CBD, let’s do some science. 

THC and CBD are practically identical on a molecular level, both possessing 21 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen atoms, and 2 oxygen atoms. 

When you intake THC, in any of your preferred methods, it binds with your brain’s cannabinoid receptors within your body’s Endocannabinoid System—where your body naturally processes cannabis. 

When terpenes get together with cannabinoids in the Endocannabinoid System, it initiates the Entourage Effect, a theory describing how cannabinoids like THC and CBD connect with terpenes to kickstart a colorful array of benefits in the mind and body. 

The idea goes that in the Entourage Effect, cannabinoids and terpenes gather and join forces to create a defensive barrier against stressors inside the body, soothing your inner workings and helping you maintain general relaxation, improve your mood, elevate your appetite, support proper immune function, achieve restful sleep, spark your creativity, and more.

Shine On At Lightshade 

Peak THC levels alone aren’t enough to set your high in motion, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to start your session with dank buds. 


Lightshade’s expert budtenders guide you through the forest of juicy nugs, helping you find the ideal high-THC strain without getting lost in the haze.