Chill out, and put yourself on the path to improved mental health with the ten products in this blog.

2020 is a challenging year (to put it lightly).

Between the global pandemic, social unrest, a divisive political climate, and a significant presidential election, it’s not easy to find peace. And mental health issues among Americans are skyrocketing.

Here are two staggering 2020 mental health statistics:

18.57% of adults are experiencing mental health issues (roughly 45 million Americans).

And 4.38% are experiencing severe mental health illnesses. (Mental Health in America Prevalence Data 2020, Mental Health America)

We’re witnessing spikes in anxiety, depression, and loneliness because humans are social creatures, and social distancing has us feeling down (among other things).

But the ten products from a Colorado dispensary (preferably ours) featured in this blog can help you find peace.

Wedding Cake Strain

01. Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake doesn’t taste like the creamy, buttery frosting its name implies. It’s an earthy, slightly sour (in the best way) flower strain with a mellow hit of sweetness. What Wedding Cake lacks in cake-like flavor, it makes up for in effects. It’s a potent strain that’ll help you sleep off stress so you can tackle the morning with an athlete’s energy.

Crescendo Marijuana Strain

02. Crescendo

Crescendo is a powerful and complex indica-dominant cannabis strain. Like Wedding Cake, it’ll put you to sleep so you can approach mornings with renewed vigor. We suggest that new consumers cautiously consume Crescendo – it’s a heavy hitter with THC levels topping out at 30%.

Bubba Fett

03. Bubba Fett

Bubba Fett is a certified classic (we dedicated an entire blog to the strain). It’s an indica-dominant hybrid known for its relatively high CBD percentage. But, don’t kid yourself, Bubba Fett leans heavily toward its indica profile, giving the strain noticeable sedating effects.

1906 Midnight

04. Midnight from 1906

There’s a sleep-related theme to our list, and for a good reason. CDC studies show that a third of American adults report getting much less than the recommended amount of sleep each night. And sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind. 1906’s Midnight is an all-natural sleep aid formulated with cannabis and corydalis – an ancient Chinese medicinal herb known for helping people sleep without side effects. Midnight promotes deep and restful sleep – sounds nice, do you agree?

Stratos Relax Tablets

05. Stratos Relax

Stratos Relax tablets are a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid giving you balanced and relaxing physical and mental relief. Cannabis oil is the only active ingredient, so the relaxing effects are derived from the whole plant and extracted with CO2 oil. The tablets help you find peace within 30-minutes because they maximize the absorption of beneficial cannabinoids. It’s a lot healthier than popping a Xanax when you’re feeling the heaviness of life.

Shift Skywalker OG Cartridge

06. Shift Skywalker OG Cartridges

Shift’s Skywalker OG carts provide a mellow and heady high. When we’ve had enough news and social media, we lock our doors and hit the stratosphere with Skywalker OG. Sometimes we also hit the pantry – if you’re munchies prone, beware, Shift’s Skywalker OG cartridges are, in a Proper High’s words, “a decent choice for loading up at the buffet.”

Shift Medicine Bow Cartridge

07. Shift Medicine Bow Cartridges

Shift’s Medicine Bow carts are excellent for immediate pain relief. Medicine Bow is also ideal for a quick high. It’s the cure when the stress of life tightens muscles and makes relaxation impossible.

Stillwater Ripple Quick Sticks

08. Stillwater Ripple Quicksticks

We’ve stocked Stillwater’s Ripple in our Colorado Dispensaries since its introduction. And the newest Ripple family member, Quicksticks, is our current go-to for fast-acting stress relief. Rip into a package and dissolve the cannabis powder on your tongue for immediate relaxation (it’s another helpful sleep aid).

Escape Artist relief creams

09. Escape Artist Relief Cream

Physical activity is an antidote for anxiety and depression. But workouts (and stress) tighten muscles. Escape Artist’s relief creams are concentrated and highly bioavailable to deliver a blend of pure cannabinoids to sore muscles quickly. Rub the cream all over; we dare you.


10. Mary’s Medicinals “The Remedy”

The Remedy is Mary’s best-selling tincture, containing 500mg of CBD, cinnamon oil, myrrh, and sweet almond oil. One bottle packs 250 servings, and one dropper-full beneath the tongue is all you need for relief from pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

Take your mental health seriously.

It’s okay if you’re not okay. Mental health isn’t a taboo topic anymore, and we’re all better off when we don’t hide from our emotions and struggles. If you or anyone you know needs someone to talk to, please contact the National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255.

Please note, the information included in this blog is not medical or mental health advice. Contact your healthcare professional with questions related to your physical or mental health. And reach out to our partners at Leaf411 if you’d like to chat with a registered cannabis nurse.