How to Make a Pear Pipe

A tasty Bosc is our pear of choice when discovering how to make a weed pipe from this inimitable fruit, both for its easily pierced flesh and the slightly floral taste it lends the smoke.

Simply punch a hole at the wide end of the pear to create your bowl. Then, carve out as much room as you need for what you want to smoke before channeling two smaller tunnels into the side of the chamber, where you’ll place your weed and inhale away.

Step 1: Punch a hole at the pear’s wind end to create a bowl. 

Step 2: Create a second hole from which you’ll inhale at the top of the pear and dig deep enough to meet the first hole you created for the bowl. 

Step 3: Create a third hole to the side of the bowl hole to create the carb (ensure all holes meet in the center for proper airflow). 

hand holding a DIY pear pipe with cannabis flower

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