As breeders continue to experiment and legalization expands, there are now thousands of cannabis strains available. These five have Lightshade riding high.

Cultivators are always on the hunt for the next big green—the cannabis strain sure to spark a chilled-out frenzy among mellow-minded pot purists. It’s a search that transforms cultivation teams into a band of botanists and explorers, with the noble goal of blazing a trail for all seekers to follow. 

The cannabis industry’s pace of ingenuity and innovation, a far cry from the stoner stereotype of slow-witted stagnation, has seen the germination of strains that are in a constant state of growth, diversification, and country-wide proliferation. Exactly how many strains are there? Well, it could be hundreds, but it could just as easily be thousands. There are so many strains being developed at any given moment that any estimation is hazy at best. It’s what we in the cannabis business call, “a good problem to have!”

Thankfully, we’re not here to provide you with an exhausting list of every strain ever to be packed, rolled, eaten, or vaporized. Instead, our cultivation team clears the smoke with five hand-picked strains—of varying potency, texture, and character—that we believe should be on your list of puff, puff, pass-worthy weed.

Keebler Cookies

An ultra-rare and ultra-dope hybrid strain sprouting from a cross between Platinum Cookie and Locktite, Keebler Cookies features large flowers, a trait that sets it apart from the similarly grown Girl Scout Cookies strain. Deep purple hues highlight the finished buds, which waft a sweet OG nose reminiscent of baked confectionaries. Toking this strain results in a super relaxing high with a relatively high potency that easily quells high-tension situations and the typical rigors of everyday stress.

Garlic Breath

Cannabis cultivators love a unique nose, and Garlic Breath delivers with a punch that speaks to its namesake pungency. An indica-dominant hybrid strain (a mix of GMO and Mendo Breath), it fills the olfactory with notes of freshly peeled garlic and unmistakably spicy undertones. Garlic Breath leaves you with a relaxed high that gradually becomes more sedative, making it the perfect bedtime bud. Speaking of buds, Garlic Breath’s are gorgeous, dense, and bright with a zesty funk that belies its sleepy potential.

Cannabis Plants inside of Cultivation Facility

Ice Cream Cake

Like the fever dream of a mad genius cultivator, Ice Cream Cake billows with large, dense buds, some serious weight, and a full structure that stands tall and proud. Vivid purple buds give off a rich, floral scent that transforms into a flavor profile of creamy vanilla and sugary dough. Relatively new to the strain gang, the indica-leaning Ice Cream Cake crosses Wedding Cake with Gelato #33 and offers a sedating effect that relaxes body and mind and relieves gnarly discomfort.

Grease Monkey

A real funky monkey of pot, if there ever was one, Grease Monkey grapples you into sweet submission with a high potency that occasionally hits more than 30 percent total THC. This indica-dominant hybrid strain crosses classic Gorilla Glue #4 with Cookies & Cream, forming a rich inhale of nutty vanilla and sweet, skunky diesel, with an earthy, pungent aroma. The Grease Monkey high is a real creeper, starting in the eyes and spreading to the rest of the body in a relaxed, calming euphoria.

Mandarin Sunset

An indica with an uplifting, sativa-like high, Mandarin Sunset’s unique terpene profile squeezes a citrus-rich candy aroma with subtle notes of Chinese five-spice powder. While the strain is a cross of Herojuana and Orange Skunk, the flavor is supremely singular in the cannabis world. As for the high, Mandarin Sunset ushers in a surprising numbness that quiets physical frustrations and pushes a positive take to the forefront of the mind. Body soothing and mind-melting, Mandarin Sunset is a facility staple at Lightshade.

Upl Close shot of Lightshade Mandarin Sunset Cannabis Strain

Be Your Own Strain Conductor

The search for your preferred strain is a magical ride of sights, smells, tastes, and textures. So whether you’re a first-timer or a cannabis connoisseur, always keep an open mind and stand at the ready to expand your green horizons to a new crop of strains.