A growing interest in the functional and recreational properties of cannabis is creating a space for culinary innovations.

Colorado cannabis consumers love edibles – and we can’t blame them. After all, edibles are a discreet (and delicious) way to enjoy our favorite plant. And with advancements in dosing, healthier options, and the emergence of infused beverages, the category is set to grow even further in the new decade. 

The humble edible was once limited to the classic pot brownie and infused cookie. Still, as cannabis legalization spreads, the opportunities for product innovation grow, and with improved dosing accuracy, and more variety, the options for Denver dispensary customers at every stage of their cannabis journey are significant. 

Lightshade’s broad selection of Colorado edibles appeals to every kind of cannabis consumer, from the canna-sseur (see what we did there?), to the yogi, endurance athletes, to people interested in a healthy wine alternative. Budtender’s at our medical and recreational dispensaries in Denver and Aurora, and our Federal Heights, Colorado dispensary, answer questions about cannabis edibles every day. So, we decided to collect the most common questions Colorado dispensary customers have about edibles and our answers in one place. 

Without further ado, here is our guide to Colorado cannabis edibles!

Cannabis Edibles - Lightshade Marijuana Dispensary Aurora & Denver

What are the most common types of edibles found in a Colorado dispensary?

Cannabis gummies, infused baked goods, tinctures, and beverages, are the most common types of edibles found in Colorado dispensaries. We are also starting to see more experimental infused options like marshmallows, and truffles to round-out our Denver dispensary edibles selection. 

Most edibles are digested through the gastrointestinal tract, which means that these infused products take the longest to kick-in. But it’s worth the wait! The effects tend to last the longest – up to eight hours (or more) in some cases.

Cannabis-Infused Drinks, Tinctures, and Hard Candies are three types of increasingly popular edibles.

Keef Cannabis-Infused Sparkling Water - Lightshade Marijuana Dispensary Denver

Cannabis Beverages

Cannabis-infused beverages hit Colorado dispensary shelves a few years ago, and today they are growing in popularity. From soda to sparkling water, to cold brew coffee, Denver dispensary customers love THC-infused drinks. 

Like an infused gummy or baked good, cannabis-infused drinks pass through your digestive system. But since it’s a liquid, the effects are felt faster – as fast as a tincture in most instances (but they last longer).

Hard Candies and Cannabis Tinctures

Hard candies and tinctures are growing in popularity as fast as infused drinks. And while the practice of making and consuming herbal tinctures dates back thousands of years, after a decline in demand, tinctures are very much back in fashion. Tinctures and candies are a discreet and fast-acting consumption method, which explains the sudden rise in popularity. 

Absorbed through a process known as oral uptake, a few drops of a tincture beneath the tongue sends potent cannabinoids directly to the bloodstream and brain, bypassing the digestive system, which explains the speedy onset. In contrast to edibles and drinks, the effects of a tincture or infused candy tend to last only two to three hours.

Stratos Tincture - Lightshade Cannabis Dispensary Denver

Are edibles good for new cannabis consumers?

Edibles have a reputation for being inconsistent and risky. While we understand the reputation, with today’s accurate dosing and strict regulations, the chances of finding yourself in a state of edible-induced panic are slim. 

That said, there are a few guidelines newly initiated Colorado dispensary customers should follow. Beginners need to start with a microdose and slowly work their way up to higher potency. The phrase “start low and go slow” applies to you if you’re a new cannabis consumer! 

Ask a budtender in one of our eight Colorado dispensary locations if you have questions about the safe consumption of cannabis edibles. We want you to have the best experience possible.

A note about dosage: Colorado state law requires that each edible cannabis dose be no more than 10mg. That said, there’s no reason not to start with a lower dosage. New cannabis consumers should consider opting for a dose in the range of 1-5mg of THC. Casual consumers can bump this amount up to 5-10mg, and experienced cannabis lovers can go up to 15mg.

Are there side effects of cannabis edibles?

The effects of an edible vary by type and dosage. Still, regardless of dosage or the style of edible, you can expect more of an overall body high than the deep cerebral (head) high you get from smoking or vaping cannabis. 

THC is synthesized into 11-hydroxy-THC when it’s absorbed through the digestive system – it’s far more potent than the delta-9-THC received by our brains after smoking or vaping weed. And edibles take longer to move through the body, which is why the effects are more sustained. We suggest that you wait at least one hour after the first dose (enough time for the results to fully kick-in), before considering another round.

Uh-oh, you over-consumed. What should you do?

Breathe deeply – you’re going to be okay. There is not one single recorded death from a cannabis overdose. It’s impossible. 

And, CBD is your best friend if you’ve consumed too much. CBD helps reduce the side-effects of THC, so it’s a good idea to keep a 100% CBD edible or tincture nearby for those times when you’ve gone a little too far. 

Follow the CBD tincture up with a good round of sleep, and you’ll be right as rain.

Pro-tip: If you overconsume and need an experienced nurse to chat with, or, if you have general cannabis-related questions, call our friends at Leaf 411 (844-LEAF411).

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